visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineWhew – what a few weeks we’ve been having – Upgrades all round for all Lightworkers – it’s been an intense period – and will continue to be so up until the Vernal Equinox just ahead for massive re-wiring, re-aligning, re-attuning, re-positioning, re-awakening and re-union with the highest levels of your lightbody template. One would almost think that we were in a Mercury Retrograde period – however we don’t enter in one of those again until May!

So much is UP for clearance now – you may discover that you are having spontaneous releases of odd and old energies at various times of the day or night – this past full moon was an especially potent one for releasing soul fragments, entities and energies that are bubbling to the surface and ready to head towards the light.  House, land and light body clearings are happening at an accelerated pace – there is a harvesting of “souls” so to speak – disembodied and ready to let go of clinging to the earth, to structures and to psychically open individuals who’ve been hosting them as the energies for re-union with Source are present in full force.

Shamanic Extraction work can be extremely beneficial if you are feeling that there is “someone” or “something” that’s in you wanting to get out – recently I held a three day workshop on a completely different topic however it was the “opening” that Spirit needed in order to facilitate the releasement of some 27 or so different entities & energies that were being carried by the participants – it was a bit of a surprise for me as the work began to unfold – however I’ve been appropriately trained to respond to what is before me rather than to be hung up on wanting to “stick to my agenda”.  In the end we managed to complete the workshop in it’s entirety – everyone received exactly what they came for and then some and we were able to facilitate the return to the light of all of these entities and soul fragments as well.

In the wake of the clearing work you may also be called quite frequently to stop what you are doing – to lay down and to receive – you may end up in bed for a few hours or even a few days as a complete and total re-wiring of your entire luminous energy field may be unfolding – you will feel energy moving, shifting and re-aligning or you may be “put out” – in a state of sleep for the work – be with it – if you struggle against your soul you are sure to end up exhausting yourself for no good reason – let it all go and invite in the new energies – you’ll find yourself much more highly energized and with a greater ability to navigate and stay in the clear if you just surrender and let yourself receive!

Be aware that the VIBE IS UP for sudden, unexpected, unplanned and unusal experiences – do NOT beat yourself up or expend an enormous amount of life force/personal energy trying to “make it work” the way you want it to – remember SURRENDER – Spirit is in Charge!  You will be delivered perfectly, wholly (holy) and completely to your destiny, exactly on time.  Let go of the little stuff, the minor irritations, the frustrations, the egoic need to have things turn out “your” way.  It’s time to even more FULLY surrender to the highest calling of your Spirit and Soul.  For those lightworkers who have been “doing” the work at an advanced level – rest & prepare – your services are going to be called upon more than ever before – all that you have been waiting and preparing for – all the effort, the time, the energy, the work, the training, the faith that you’ve held about your self and your true purpose will be paying off in spades before you know it.  You will be supported and rewarded richly for your service to your brothers and sisters in light who are  ready now to be activated into their own personal transformation process.

Chaos to be sure is all around, confusion too – stay in your sacred center – be clear – do your own inner work – seek assistance if you are called to do so – get regular attunements, healings, clearings, activations – invite Spirit to come in for the cleanse – be easy with yourself – reach out to others and share energy as appropriate – be clear on boundaries and have a strong program of extreme self care.

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