Sometimes it seems as if the weight and the speed of the planet is more than any single being can bear….. When you have those moments where everything is going so fast and you feel like you can’t keep up – or when everything is going sideways and you just can’t seem to get it together this is the invitation….. STOP – BREATHE.


The energies of transformation are swirling in and gusting around like a good strong March wind in the spring time – clearing out all the density, most particularly in the mental body for many who are on the path of light.  You may have noticed that those old creepy thought forms filled with negativity, harsh and critical to the sacred self have been arising uninvited in the mental body.  There is a stirring of the melting pot of the mind and those old stuck thoughts are now surfacing for intentional awareness and release.  The persistent and recurring thoughts that reduce you inside to a quivering, fearfilled, unproductive heap  are being brought up, uP, UP!    For many there will be a sense of frustration and futility that also arises – you may even begin to ADD to the negativity even further by beating yourself up for even having these thoughts – REALIZE THIS – You are connected in an inextricable matrix with the entire collective.  These thought forms that are coming – may or MAY NOT be your own….. Realize that a part of your mission and purpose as a light being is to be one of the conduits through which the healing of humanity takes place.  You are the sacred witness to the massive releasement of the underpinnings of the fear matrix – these negative, self defeating, fear inducing thoughts!!
What to do??? What to do??? –

Number One – BE AWARE – Realize that these thoughts – emerging as it seems from nowhere and everywhere – are being fed and energized even further when there is mass “agreement” on their supposed truth.  – So do your best to stay de-tached from the collective energy that is generated through the news media and other forms of “information” broadcasting.

Number Two – BE AWARE – Realize that you have a CHOICE – do you wish to ADD your energy – to energize, perpetuate and ruminate on these thought forms – to speak about all there is to “fear” and share and commiserate with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.  about how “bad” things are getting “out there”.  Or would you prefer to withdraw your energy, storing it and directing it for your highest good in productive or meditative practices that leave you with a clear mind and a sense of empowerment and satisfaction in doing what you are able to do in THIS moment.

Number Three –  BE AWARE – notice, check in, monitor, be vigilant about your OWN energy field.  Feeling GREAT one minute and down, heavy or disheartened the next??? This is something you do have CONTROL over if you stay aware and there are many things you can do to RESHIFT your energy back to it’s NATURAL state of JOY, BLISS, PEACE, HARMONY and PRESENCE.  Time in Nature at the very least is a POWERFUL shifter.  There are other practices as well including meditation, exercise, journaling, deep breathing, hot salt baths.  Figure out what works for you – USE IT!!

Number Four – BE AWARE – Take EXCELLENT – No EXTRAORDINARY, EXCEPTIONAL, EXQUISITE Care of YOURSELF!  Get a LOT of rest – walk away from the computer, drink plenty of pure fresh clean water, eat LIGHTLY & ORGANICALLY, exercise, sleep some more, sit in mediation or prayer, be EXTREMELY Gentle with yourself.

Archangel Jeremiel $450  Fresh as the wind, clearing, lightening, opening the mind, Jeremiel blows powerfully through your auric field. Embedded with Lapis Lazuli this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555.

Archangel Jeremiel $450 Fresh as the wind, clearing, lightening, opening the mind, Jeremiel blows powerfully through your auric field. Embedded with Lapis Lazuli this Vibrational Power Painting equals 555.

The whole month of March leading up to the Equinox is expected to be quite energetically blustery – moments of intense energy surges, followed by lulls, followed by frenzies of activity and moments that may feel like you are approaching madness.  It will be good to be very clear on boundaries during this time and to practice holding your personal center and clarity.  Less will be more – anything that you initiate during a surge moment will have the impact of 10 times the effort that you are expending – anything that you attempt to move into being during a lull will be nearly impossible to budge – be GENTLE with yourself – BE AWARE.

Less is MORE – LESS IS MORE!!  Give yourself an IMMEDIATE TIME OUT if you start to feel at all frustrated and hampered in your forward progress – because that’s exactly what’s happening you are being hampered by UNIVERSAL forces that will leave you feeling like a beached whale if you try to oppose them.  When the surge comes – RIDE IT!! With GLEE!! Let out a whoop and a hollar and have FUN by GOD!  By 20 March equalizing will begin and you’ll feel like you have just come of the Crack the Whip at the carnival – maybe a little dizzy – but having had quite a ride.  Enjoy the journey!

Spring is a GREAT Time to Clear Out Your Spiritual Closet – a shamanic healing session – illumination or extraction work can be highly beneficial in removing the “hooks” in your electromagnetic field (lightbody) that get you caught in the whirlwind and spit out on the shore.  These sessions are wonderful either in person or over the phone – the work is equally effective either way.  Phone sessions not only allow you to save fuel but they are also recorded in the event that you’d like to revisit the work.

Crystal Singing Bowl work is also highly effective at clearing and aligning during tumultuous times – the bowls provide beautiful harmonization and vibrational healing work and are delighted to be of service.  Relaxation is vitally important to your well being – decoupling from the fright or flight response allows your body to deeply rest, restore itself and repair from the harmful overabundance of stress hormones that can be activated when you lose your balance and ability to think clearly.

Clarity Coaching can be highly beneficial when you are caught, lost, confused, or just cloudy on what your next steps are.  Working with your “upstairs team” as well as offering practical advice for your life journey!  I’m now booking appointments for all sessions at least 2 weeks out so if you are looking for some SPIRITUAL SPRING CLEANING – now is the time to set something up for yourself in my schedule!

Remember too that I make energetically supportive Spirit Essence Necklaces and Amulets for men or women to assist you in navigating this particular leg of your epic journey!

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