Feeding the Flame - Time for Reflection

Feeding the Flame - Time for Reflection

Ok It’s OFFICIAL I’m declaring March MAKE TIME FOR ME MONTH!!  Creating that Beautiful Space for Self Nuturance, Growth and Opening into a Higher state of relaxed and receptive openness.  All Is Well.  I Am worthy.  Major shifts in conscious awareness.  Moving into knowing, feeling, seeing, and hearing with a greater degree of clarity.  Boundaries and wise use of personal energy.  All is Well and I AM worthy.

Allowing for the emergence of that which will serve the HIGHEST Good.  Highest degree of open & receptive being.  Embodying the Deep Feminine.  Engaging receptivity in the hands and in the heart.  All is Well.

I love myself.  I love my body, I love my life.  I invite strength, beauty, wisdom, & truth to enter and fully embody within me.  I open to the guidance and wisdom of others and listen with sharp ears and an open heart to the guidance of my “upstairs” Success Team on the other side of the veil.

I listen deeply to and honor the wisdom and information provided to my by my body.  All is Well.  I take things one step at a time.  I stay grounded and focused and my energy is concentrated and powerful.  Each act is imbued with love and reverance.  I return to the timeless nature of my true self.   I live my dream now and in each future moment.

I enjoy prosperity and financial flow as well as heart felt intimate connections with others who are here to support and be supported by my journey.  I welcome the opportunity to serve and I trust that I am well supplied and provided for in this moment and the next.

I release all thinking and patterns of belief and behavior that are having negative effects on my mental, emotional, & spiritual well being.  I easily detach from unhealthy or imbalanced situations or relationships. I engage in practices each day that support radiant health, pure presence, mental clarity, and emotional equanimity.  I take excellent care of myself and my environment.

I purify myself with thoughts and expressions of gratitude as I realign with and remember at every level WHO I AM.  I AM a Powerful and Masterful Creator.  I AM Love and I AM Loved beyond measure.  I AM Thankful for this life.