1visionaryvibe_logo_sm_noline Time keeps on Slipping Slipping Slipping into the Future….. (so says Steve Miller Band – remember that song??)  Well maybe it’s time now to fly like an Eagle!  We all still wrestle quite a bit with time and patience.  Time is a gift to us that allows us the opportunity to unfold our dreams and desires in a graceful, natural, beautiful way.  As magical co-creators with Spirit though we have the capacity to bend, shift, twist, expand, contract or move time any time we  wish!  Surely you’ve experienced a time when things moved SO SLOWLY – you may have felt “lost in time”.  Other times things seem to be going so fast you feel as if you can barely keep up – yes?

Well time has started to get even more slippery than it was back in the 70’s when Steve and the band wrote and performed this prophetic song.  Musicians and artists of all sorts are often best able to tap into the pulse of the Universe and see/feel/hear their way into the future – bringing back important information to plant in the collective so that when the time arrives the seeds will burst forth and flower bringing the gifts of change that were intended by the artist.  Remember that you too are an artist – you are a creator and you too can move back and forth through time and step outside of time if you so desire.

We can sometimes get “caught” in the belief that there isn’t enough time and this is a very dangerous trap – sometimes we need to allow for a time delay.  When you begin to manifest – to co-create with Spirit – time allows you the opportunity to “tweak” your manifestation/creation process so that things don’t show up in your space that were unintended.  Being clear about what you want, about what you desire to manifest can take some time – can you give yourself the gift of taking the time to slow down, take a look at where you are, take a look at where you have been, take a look at where you are headed and more importantly to look both up (to Spirit) and in (to your heart) to see where your deepest calling or desire is leading you now?  Can you appreciate the journey from here to what’s next?


On Grandfather's Clock it's always 6:05!

Appreciating the time delay is all about bringing gratitude in to every moment – can you be grateful when you are in the middle of a big project (perhaps you are writing and you are totally “in the flow”!) and all of sudden the computer locks up, shuts down and you suddenly lose everything that you’ve just been working on?  Can you appreciate that it’s maybe just not the right time for that information to be shared? Can you trust that whatever you need to know, share, experience, receive, give, create will emerge exactly on time?  Do you believe that time is your friend or is it your enemy?

When you transcend time – when you move outside of time and beyond space – to your eternal self – to your Eagle nature – you can see that time is an illusion and a wonderous and magnificent tool that we use for our lessons, our experiences, and our gifts to the greater evolution of all of Creation.  Appreciate the Time Delay – notice what’s happening in this moment – be grateful – allow yourself the gift of sweet time – notice how it slips and slides – identify what time line you are traveling on – skip over to another if you like!  Move back and forth like the hummingbird – up, down, all around – be in time and be timeless.  What time is it in your world?  What is it time for you to be doing?  Is it time for you to simply be?  Make time – you know  you can!

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Set Up for a Sound Healing - Love how the Heart Bowl is Illuminated!

Set Up for a Sound Healing - Love how the Heart Bowl is Illuminated!

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