Desk Facing East!
Desk Facing East!

There’s something to be said about moving the furniture around!  In the last few weeks I took advantage of some unpleasant weather days to re-arrange both my bedroom and my office.  I realized that I had spent the last 2 years sleeping with my head in the WEST.  In my medicine tradition the WEST direction is the direction of Jaguar and is also the area of the medicine wheel where we go to die to our old selves so that we can be reborn into our luminous nature.  One of the hazards is that we can get “stuck” in this dying process and become trapped in the “dead” zone.

It wasn’t until I moved the bed that the realization hit me – and it explained a lot about patterns that continued to repeat in my relationships with others and with the world.  I was ‘stuck’ energetically in Fight or Flight mode too- for way too long in my life journey.  Jaguar is good medicine – don’t get me wrong – but we are supposed to be on journey – always moving, always changing, in order to be aligned with the flow of the truth of the universe which is constantly in motion, constantly changing, evolving and growing.

I have experienced a huge shift in my energy and in my ability to be in a different space in my relationships since the move.  It’s going to be interesting to see what begins to unfold as I settle in to my new position in the East. East is Eagle medicine in our tradition – the place of the larger vision and a higher perspective.

My office has also been changed around – my desk has moved so that I face the East as well and so I am now energetically aligned both in my personal and in my work life with that Eagle energy.  One of the results of this shift in the office is that I have begun to connect with whole new realm of people, teachers, mentors, trainers, coaches and guides for me to take the next step that I am being called to take on my own personal journey.

In order for me to be most effective in my work – I too am constantly looking to evolve, grow, learn, shift, and leap to the next levels.  In the shift I have been extremely fortunate to align with three wonderful women all of whom are offering me support, guidance and teachings to take my work up a notch and to make me a better provider of the gifts that I have to offer to you – whether my gifts are direct in the form of products and services, or indirect in the form of modeling for you what your next steps may be or connecting you with my teachers if you are ready to leap to a new level in your business yourself.

I am so enthusiastic about the services I’ve received in recent weeks that I have chosen to affiliate with the three women who have emerged as my teachers and so would like to share with you ways you might connect with them if you feel drawn to any of these areas:

Social Networking and Online Visibility Coach ExTRAORDINAIRE!! Nancy Marmolejo has been invaluable in bringing me into a whole new arena of connections all OVER the WORLD!  She is true, authentic, wise, balanced, grounded and very, very smart.  I highly recommend her if you are dipping your toes into the Social Networking Arena – bring your Star Sunglasses along because Nancy will surely show you how to SIZZLE!

Get Known Now Home Study Program

Are You READY to GET KNOWN NOW by the big boys & girls in traditional media?  Is it time to build your PLATFORM?  If so then I can not recommend Suzanne Falter Barns highly  enough – Suzanne has been a mentor for me for the last 4 years and has been instrumental in providing all kinds of advice and guidance around how to position my brand and build my platform not only online but offline as well.  She is a dynamo!  If you are ready to get Oprah (or MTV) to call you then hooking up with Suzanne will take you places you never imagined you would go!  (When MTV Canada called me to do an interview they said that the reason they selected me over a whole directory of other Psychics was because they could see that I was “media savvy”.  Thanks to Suzanne for that!)

The third AMAZING woman that I’ve recently connected with is Julie Ann Turner – (in fact I was connected with her through a free webinar hosted by Nancy Marmolejo called Amazing Awaits).  Julie Ann is the Founder and CEO of and I’m just tickled pink to be working with her – next week – Feb 12 & 13 I’m flying out to Dallas for her POWER ARC Live Intensive.  Julie Ann is an incredible gift from Spirit – I must say!  SHE GETS ME!!! OMG what a gift to have someone who can communicate with me on every level and is able to translate, guide and show me clearly not only where the next practical steps are for me on my journey but does so in the context of my LIFE journey.  This woman is an answered prayer.  I’m delighted too to be able to partner with her by bringing the Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Experience to the PowerARC Live Intensive – we’ll be closing the two day workshop with a concert – so the bowls are officially “going on the road”!   Julie Ann is offering a free consultation if you think you might be ready to take your life purpose/business/vision to the next level on your epic journey – tell her I sent you please!!

amethyst-142-nathan-croppedRemember too that I am here to serve you with your world work on an energetic level – sometimes we can do the practical steps, think the right thoughts, embark on the epic journey and still get stuck – that’s when the work that I do is imperitive – from Sound Therapy to Clarity Coaching to Shamanic Healing –  working with pure intent I can guide you to release all the energies that no longer serve you and assist you in activating the codes of light within at the highest level of your soul’s matrix to re-align you to your original Divine Blueprint and Path of Destiny!

Thank you for reading, connecting, passing along, engaging and contributing to our world!  Peace is in you and every act can be a prayer – send love, emanate light, lose your mind, find your heart, change your perspective and together let’s re-member that Heaven On Mother Earth is here NOW!