Are you Strapped In?

Are you Strapped In?

Well it’s been wild to be sure – the last several weeks of Mercury Retrograde have given us all a wonderful opportunity to tune in and turn ourselves inside out!  Yesterday Mercury went direct and for me anyway the best way to describe the energy was like walking through a Cosmic Bumper Car Ride!

Energetically there is a lot of chaotic shifting, changing, and a multitude of opportunities arriving  for great growth and creative action.  The shifts are in some cases extreme – we are being asked to not only leave behind a great deal of old thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, patterns and ways of doing business – all quite suddenly but we are also simultaneously being CALLED FORTH.

What does this mean to be CALLED FORTH?? Your DIVINE Destiny is calling you now – the TIME is NOW like never before for you to drop all your false pretenses, to drop all the striving and straining and stressing, to let go of anything that might be less than the fullness of who you really are in all your infinite glory and to STAND in your TRUTH.  Reaching down deep into the very HEART CORE of your being you are asked now to admit – not just quietly and secretly to yourself and maybe a selected few “trusted” friends, relatives and aquaintances – but to admit – to the whole world, freely and in complete integrity that you REMEMBER who you are!

REMEMBER that you are Divinity Embodied, remember that you have the full creative capacities of the One Source!  Remember and admit that you have multi-dimensional capacities  – seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling energy – reading minds, communicating telepathically, synchronistically intersecting with those with whom you have made “Cosmic Dates”.

IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME – We are the ones that we have been waiting for!  Drop the veils, break through the illusion of fear, lose your mind, find your heart!  Know that you will experience through your physical, emotional and mental bodies an intense FALLING AWAY of every single thing, every bit of energy, every particle and proton, every quanta of light that does not support your truth.  You will be asked to step forth and to claim your true heritage.  You are asked to proclaim to all that will hear that you are indeed an ARCHANGELIC BEING who has EMBODIED in physical form to activate the Evolution and Ascension of Humanity.

For so many this time of instant awakening will also bring forth an almost instant requirement for reconciliation – for many there will be a CALLING FORTH for support, guidance, assistance, help with navigating these GREAT CHANGES.  Many of you have navigated the awakening and ascending process ahead of the curve – know that you are preparing now for the great wave of awakening  of all of humanity and that the time is imminent for you to begin providing all the support and assistance that you have been training for through your own process over these last several years.   This will be a year of major waves of souls transitioning over to their next plane of reality – many will be called to be witness to and to prepare these beings for their Death Journey.

Detached compassion is the key to these times and an intense connection with your inner core power, your inner wisdom as well as extreme self care.  You can not be of any assistance to any one if you are down for the count yourself.  Take CARE of the BODY!! The BODY is your Vessel – it is your TEMPLE.  It will give you INFINITELY CLEAR signals when it needs to rest, reset, recover, release or retreat from the wider world.  Create time and space within your life to regularly care for yourself each and every day and remember to connect with and ground all excess energies into Mother Earth.  The more you can cultivate a deep and profound connection to the Mother the easier your movements in the world will be.  All is EXTREMELY well!! All is unfolding perfectly and magnificently according to plan.  Remember that this is a process still – even though it is now greatly accelerated you are all still in a PROCESS – give yourselves time to PROCESS.

Give Yourself TIME!

Give Yourself TIME!

Remember to call upon your “upstairs” team and also upon and team/support/guides on this level of reality who are here to provide you with services, sessions, validation and affirmation of your remembering process.  Remember too to BREATHE – to bring the Breath into your body – to BREATHE IN THE LIGHT.  And to BREATHE it out once more – with each and every breath bringing higher and higher quotients of light into your physical body and into this plane of reality.  Thank the Mother Earth for her assistance with grounding and dispersing the energy that you are all being now asked to channel – SHARE with the Mother – there is absolutely no need to “hoard” the energy or to worry if you “take a break” that the energy won’t be there – oh don’t you worry about that or ANYTHING else!!  Use your energy instead to care for yourself, to cement your connection to Earth and to dream the highest vision for yourself and your Sweet Mother that you have inside you to dream.  Peace, harmony, beauty, truth, goodness, abundance, health, love and light!

Should you require assistance during this time I am available for private phone sessions and readings and I also have created a wide variety of transformational tools as well “medicine” jewelry that will support your ascension process!   Be sure to access the FREE attunements and consider the series of paid attunements that are also available for those who are ready to step into the embodiment of their Divinity NOW!
I will also be teaching twice in the next few weeks – the Munay-Ki – 9 Great Rites of Initiation of the Peruvian Tradition of Shamanism

St. Augustine Florida – February 20-22

Nashua, NH  – March 6-8

During the next few weeks I will be slowing down a bit on the blogging and social networking as I will be out of the office for quite a bit of the last half of February receiving some additional training myself – Next week I will be at Julie Ann Turner’s Power Arc Live Intensive in Dallas TX.   If you think you might be drawn to join me there explore AMAZING AWAITS and tell Julie Ann I sent you!