Want to know something?  I’ve been doing an awful lot of work lately around the Sacred Masculine aspect of myself – that part of me that is active, that is dynamic, that is electric, that gets things done, moves on things, organizes and categorizes, brings structure and form.  I’ve also been working on surfacing the shadow aspects of the Sacred Masculine – the controller, the blamer, the angry repressed inner boy, the tantrum thrower, the brute, the misguided warrior, the slayer, the terrorist.   As I have brought all these aspects up into the light of my conscious awareness I’ve been able to shift energetically, transmuting all these old stuck, hidden energies that no longer serve and mulching them into their elemental particles.

As part of this work I’ve been moving through every single aspect of my life – the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the energetic/spiritual.  I have been sorting and sifting – much like a miner searching for the gold.  And I’ve been extracting!  Extracting both the density (for transmutation) and the gold or the gift that has been hiding down there in the dark and muck waiting to be exposed by the light of day.  Since I have been actively seeking DIVINE Union – or the marriage (within) of both sides of my being – I have discovered something really special.  The more I release, the more I gather in or harvest the gifts, the more I have been ATTRACTING!  MEN!! Positive, lively, conscious, clear, purposeful, alert, awake, and aligned with the energies of the emerging masculine!  I have so many amazing and wonderful men all of a sudden in my life – they’ve been literally “coming out of the woodwork”!

I’m surrounded and not only that but I’m being assisted at every level by these amazing, wonderful, magical, magnificent men!   So here’s a rundown of the men (many of them young men) who have come forward recently:

Daniel – Master of the Bones – extraordinarily gifted healer – humble, sweet, creative, open, nurturing, CONNECTED with the Mother (Sweet Earth Mother) – Daniel has been working with me to hone his own healing practice – I have been a blessed recipient of his incredibly deep healing work with the bones – Ancestors and Animal Powers unite through his channel to make profound shifts in the energetic matrix – deeply transformative!

Michael – Student & Fellow Shaman – This young man is a gift to the planet – he is so PRESENT and a very talented healer – we have done much good, true and beautiful medicine work with each other in the past year.

Ian – Hyman! HIGH MAN – OMG This young man has such a sweet, pure, high vibration.  His frequency is that of a master – few have this level of mastery at the tender age of 20 – Ian is my Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and shares medicine at the fire on a regular basis as he was also a student of the Munay-Ki

Eric – Violet BROTHER!  This man and I have clearly shared a MULTITUDE of lifetimes together – when we combine energies the place ROCKS!  Eric has been a student as well – Shamballa MDH&BT last April – together we are co-creating an exclusive energy retreat for August – will keep you posted as the details firm up some more.

Ben – My latest and greatest young man – he has materialized out of the Universe to share energy as well as his Technological prowess – Tech Templar is my name for this lovely being of light who has settled himself into my chair and is at this very moment turning my receipts & bank statements into something my accountant can actually use via Quickbooks!  He also did a DYNAMITE Tarot reading for me this morning before we plowed into the financial stuff.

Even more new men are showing up every single day

As I’ve fallen more and more in love with my own masculine aspect of course I’m being gifted with these lovely manifestations of men in my life – today on Facebook a young man from Italy was sending me wonderful compliments and even invited me for a visit to Rome!  How sweet and lovely hm?  I’m especially in love with our New PRESIDENT – to me he is embodying all the best in the sacred masculine – Vision, Committment, Honor, Integrity, Faith, Willingness to Take A Challenge, Fortitude, Courage, Endurance, Flexibility, Respect, Humility, Goodness, Truth, Diplomacy, Nerves of Steel, Gentleness, Equality in Relationship, the list could go on and on. The front page of the Inaugural Edition of the Nashua Telegraph screamed the Headline – We Are Ready To Lead Once More – I think this speaks not only of our president or even of our nation but of the Sacred Masculine on a global scale.   I for one am thrilled at the aspect of this coming into balance of the Sacred Masculine – within me – within my world – and I can see as the shift continues apace for all of us that Divine Union that place of perfect alignment of the Masculine and Feminine Forces is not far behind – Bliss – Heaven On Mother Earth – Finally soon – we are all going to come H.O.M.E. to the truth that we are limitless light, endless love, boundless energy.

I must say a special thank you to my husband, my son & my brother – who are all gifts and blessings in my life as the direct mirrors with whom I’ve been doing all the heavy work of surfacing and transmuting through our experiences with each other.  An extra special thanks to my husband for his gift of the I LOVE YOU YOU ARE THE GREATEST Bear who is the star of today’s video!
Do you need a little extra energetic assistance with moving your own stuff so that you can come into greater balance?  Sound is a powerful catalyst and my CD Divine Union is uniquely designed and intended to create a vibration for healing and uniting the masculine & feminine aspects of your being – available now on ITUNES and at AMAZON for download –  at AMAZON in CD format or if you prefer you can purchase a copy directly through me!  Another great option is to schedule a SOUND HEALING session for yourself – here’s what one of my recent clients had to say:

“Thank you. It was truly an wonderful experience. Some of the sounds and “music” I was not hearing, I was remembering.  I know that there was a lot of Soul Language informational downloads in the experience and will let it come fully into consciousness. It was really a beautiful experience and I’m looking forward to hearing and feeling the piece again. There are parts of the music that are singing in my soul and head. It is really cool. I also had to step out to the grocery store and the music stayed in my head. I swear the guy that I passed in the aisle was singing so the same tune. When I passed by a kid he started singing….cool and strange.”  –Jennifer Urezzio, New Jersey