Student & Fellow Medicine Brother at 12/12/08 Fire Ceremony

Student & Fellow Medicine Brother at 12/12/08 Fire Ceremony

Welcome to the Path of FYRE! If you are interested in making a profound and lasting shift in your life and work then the Path of FYRE may be the avenue for you. My work is based in the tradition of the Peruvian High Medicine people of the Andes and the Amazon Rain Forest. I can help you by acting as a conduit for energetic transmissions that shift and activate your codes of light and accelerate your evolutionary process. We stand now at an amazing time in the history of the world. We have the opportunity, right here, right now, in our own time, to actively and consciously participate in an evolutionary leap to a new species.

For many thousands of years the land has been dominated by the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, a species that evolved from the Neanderthal and has ruled through the power of the mind and will. We are being invited now to shift ourselves energetically and consciously into the new human – some call this species Homo Luminous, Homo Spiritus, the New Human or Human Angels. Personally I like to call myself a LUMEN Being – We are being supported in this evolutionary process by a lineage of light beings that are beyond the veil but with whom we have conscious contact if we are open to receiving, listening, and working with them.

There are many avenues to this awakening and evolutionary leap. Vibrational medicine is the core activator for many – and can take a variety of forms – the easiest to feel, attune to and receive from being Sound and Sound Therapy. Others may resonate best to working with the Crystal Kingdom or with the vibrational frequencies of the Shamballa Energies. Each has his or her own path and for many the work is happening during the dream time or subconsciously and then suddenly conscious awareness comes and there is a real need for validation of the paranormal, metaphysical, psychic or mystical happenings that are being perceived and experienced.

Past life, cultural conditioning, socialization and previous traumas can cause blockages in the flow of energy and information and can also precipitate dis-ease in the emotional, mental or physical bodies. Much of the initial work for the client may involve quite a bit of clearing, extracting, and releasing both consciously and through the energetic field. Shamanic Medicine work is uniquely suited to assist in these areas. The second phase of the work for the individual may include one or more retrievals of soul parts that bring back missing information, gifts, talents and skills that have been repressed, lost or dis-integrated through past or present life traumas.

Once the clearing and re-integration work has taken place then the work shifts to the mythic level where we begin to bring to life the connection with the natural and super natural worlds and initiate the process of dreaming your new world into being. Here we play with archetypes and with making new maps that expand your possibilities and help you to align with your highest destiny.

Throughout each of the stages we always come back to the FYRE. This is an active path – and the client is invited to be an active and conscious co-creator of their own personal healing journey. We are on journey together – I serve as a mapmaker, space holder, guide, navigator, energizer and assistant but the journey is uniquely your own. Your personal FYRE must be engaged in order to manifest the changes that your deepest heart desires – are you ready to move forward on your epic journey? Take the Leap today!

I can be reached for private consultations via email or phone 1-603-594-2744. Welcome to the FYRE. May all that is heavy in your life become light as you burn from the FYRE within!