Today’s Honey Party is about both getting and acknowledging the help and support that we each need to acheive our highest degrees of success.  I’ve recently engaged the services of a lovely young man to assist me with getting all my book keeping in order for 2008 and also to help with our quirky little technical things that come up now and then  – He’s my new Templar of Technology!  Today we talked about him helping me with all sorts of technical issues once we have the financial record keeping behind us.  He knows how to COMPRESS VIDEO – How Cool Is That!!  Ok maybe this isn’t exciting to you technology gurus out there but for me it’s going to be an incredible gift. One of the things I’ve learned about myself is that if I really set my mind to it I can learn just about anything I need to learn and I can usually get pretty much anything to work for me – I’m not a master by any means at everything I try my hand at but I always give my energy to doing the very best that I can do.  One of the other things I’ve learned is that just because I Can do something, and just because I’m capable of doing it, and even if I’m very good at it – that doesn’t necessarily mean that I WANT To!

I’ve decided that it’s becoming more and more important to follow my bliss and to attract people into my life to pick up the pieces of my world that I’m not particularly interested or excited about doing.  Of course if I have to I’ll do what I need to do in order to accomplish my goals – however I’ve found and have been coached too that in order to free me up to do my very best at what I do best it’s good to surround myself with others who really love what they do and can complement me in the areas that need to be addressed when running a business.

Today I also talked pretty seriously about one of the practical nuts and bolts pieces of a business operation that must be looked at, managed and attended to – The Finances!  Yes it’s probably one of the most tedious aspects of running your business to keep track of all the expenses and income but it’s something that must be done for many reasons not the least of which is that Uncle Sam expects you to use this data to file your tax returns!

Our New Presidents Inaugural Speech!

Our New President's Inaugural Speech!

Keeping track of what you are spending, where you are spending it and what you are receiving in exchange for these expenses is vital to have organized and properly formatted.  It allows you to really make sound decisions when you are approached for spending in the future, allows you to plan & budget for your obligations and gives you feedback about how effective you have been with the management of your monetary flow.  Income is the other side of this – what services or products are generating the most for you?  Where should you focus more of your attention – on new product development or on maximizing exposure of the “winners” that are already in your portfolio.  Should you be offering more services – more products or more combinations?  Where are your money makers, what are your money drainers?  These questions can’t possibly be answered without some data.  The data also gives you metrics by which to measure the financial aspect of your success.

Of course no amount of money can take the place of the feeling of accomplishment and the thrill of taking a big risk to follow your heart and pursue your dreams – but the best dreams actually come into fruition or manifestions through the course of our physical acts in the world – not the least of which is the day to day simple steps like managing our financial accounting, answering our phone, preparing our marketing materials and delivering our products or services.  The big juicy creative acts will always be there – to best manifest success this juice must be poured into a solid crucible that will hold it and allow the alchemical transformation from idea to reality to take place!  Here’s to your success!  Find and acknowledge your supporters.  Set your foundation.  Take one step at a time.  Leap when asked to open your wings and fly!

Rattles for Shamanic Medicine Work

Rattles for Shamanic Medicine Work

If you are interested in a shamanic assessment of your business operations this is something that I am specially trained to do.  Did you know that businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations have soul?  Did you realize that there is a light body (energy system) for these business entities that can sometimes become blocked energetically for one reason or another?  Do you understand that dis-ease within your organization can be tracked and corrected through shamanic visioning & healing?  Curious? Contact me for a free 15 minute consult – Now taking appointments!  Contact me directly by phone at 603-594-2744 or email – put the words “Strategic Shaman” in the subject line.  I look forward to illuminating your business operations to enhance the flow of abundance, prosperity and alignment with purpose in your business and your life!

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