New Closet - Under Construction - Note Orb in upper Right of Pic!

New Closet - Under Construction - Note Orb in upper Right of Pic!

Ok people – when I wrote my post a few weeks ago entitled Have You Had A Spiritual Experience I have to admit I was playing it safe.  I put out the “palatable” message about yoga changing my life (which it most definately did) however what I didn’t do was describe – in detail – THE opening experience.  So now it’s time for that story…..
About 3 months into my yoga practice and I was in the process of making a decision about whether or not to divorce my husband at the time.  He and I just didn’t share the same values, we had been through an incredibly traumatic experience with my son (which is detailed in the forward to my book Celestial Voices) and though we tried valiantly we just couldn’t quite get the broken pieces of ourselves and our marriage back together again in a healthy way.  I was moving through a really trying time inside, the most challenging part for me (being that at the time I liked to have everything “fixed” and as quickly as possible) was holding myself in a state of “I don’t know”.  This is an interesting place to be in and for me back then was really quite the struggle.  I was heavily relying on yoga to help me stay centered, balanced and to assist me in “staying in the pose” so to speak, “playing with edge” within myself that was seeking peace and resolution to the intense tension of holding that space of “I don’t Know” (whether I want to be married, can be married, can give my self permission to get divorced, can give up the illusion of the “dream marriage”, how I’ll manage, what I’ll do with my life, how I can take my son away from his father, etc. etc. etc.)

It was August and the weather was sublime so my teacher (who was coming to the place in her life where gym yoga just wasn’t working for her anymore) suggested we all take a day and go to the park for our yoga class.  It was a sunny Saturday and I’ll never forget the feeling of doing yoga outdoors, I was under a tree to keep from broiling in the sun while I moved through the practice.  Sun Salutations, Crescent moon, Warrior I & II – after about 80 minutes of practice it was time for Final Shavasana.

As I lay there in the grass on my mat the bugs started to crawl on my arms and face.  But I was melting, melting into the arms of Mother Earth.  The bugs and I were just one energy interacting with another.  My mind wanted to catch hold of the “irritation” of the bugs but another piece of me said let it go.   Suddenly, as I entered into the deeper stages of relaxation an opening of my Spirit and I guess my Heart occurred that is still fresh to this day – I saw/felt myself gliding up a radiant staircase/ladder of light – the light all around me was golden/white and gliding up and down this stairway/ladder were hundreds of thousands of angels – just gliding up & down very peacefully and very powerfully – I remember tears pouring down my face as I was overcome by the intensity of the experience.

I wanted to lie there in that bliss forever.  A few minutes of bathing in this radiant light, communing with these light beings, being surrounded and bathed and enveloped in light, and then the gentle calling back to the present by our beautiful yoga teacher.  I came back to my body but there was  piece of me that was still engaged in the experience – everything around me radiated the glow, the trees, the stones, the grass, the bugs, the people all around me.  I  packed up my things to go wandering slowly through the park to my car – in awe, in complete wonder and amazement at the liquid light all around me not wanting it to ever end.  The feeling/experience continued as I got into my car and began driving up the road – every single car coming my way I could see/feel the Balls of Light that were driving towards me – every car had a ball of light in it and my heart went to each one in gratitude and blessing, gradually the experience faded away but the feeling of peace, the experience of peace, the awareness of the peace beyond understanding was firmly embedded in my Spirit forevermore.

Perhaps because this was my “first” Spiritual Experience that I was consciously aware of in this incarnation it still holds a place in me that continues to fill me with awe and wonder.  It’s hard sometimes to explain to others but I’m finding that as more and more of us come out of hiding, leave the Spiritual Closet so to speak, we help to normalize and validate these experiences for others.  I think ever since that day I have been opening more and more to share in every way I can my experience of the Divine – sometimes it may seem scattered that I have so many things going on at once – books, art, cds, bloggings, sessions and more but the underlying intent of facilitating healing is all the same  Perhaps you would like to share your own Spiritual experience(s) if so,  you may find that you are bringing forth a great gift for another.  I encourage you to do so.  Comment either here on this post or back on the original post – who knows your story may end up in a book someday!

Sometimes – actually usually – just like I did – we all need a little assistance either to open & awaken to our Spiritual connection or to validate our experiences and enhance our capabilities once we have been through an awakening process – If you or someone you know could use some assistance in this area please feel free to connect for an appointment. My latest session offering is called PsyChic Workout! Check it out and see if it’s for you!