What a WONDERFul day we had yesterday – Playing with Soul SiSTARS is such a gift – when you think about success it’s wonderful to look around you at all the people that are in your life supporting your forward motion – so here’s an interesting thing to contemplate…..Sometimes FORWARD MOTION Looks like you are GOING BACKWARDS!  Interesting that this insight comes as we are just entering into Mercury Retrograde – do you know about that?? If not – please look at my blog post from our last retrograde period to get more info on how it all works from the Archangel Raziel’s perpective.  Anyway it’s interesting to realize that any growth (and you’ll really be able to notice this if and when you have children) involves a period of regression that often happens just before a quantum leap forward.  The bigger the leap you are about to take the further back you have to go in order to retrieve the energy needed to thrust you forward – It’s kind of like bowling (not the kind of bowling I do with the Crystal Singing Bowls – the old fashioned kind with balls and pins) where you have to take a few steps back and then you move forward rapidly with purpose and focus upon your target.


Butterfly Woman Mistress of Metamorphosis Magic, Total Transformation, Caterpillar, Cocoon, Catharsis, activating the seeds of light within. Embedded with black Kyanite & Jet this Vibrational Power Painting equals 9 to the 9th power $999

It’s vitally important to honor this re-gression – or this going backwards phase – and more importantly to recognize it when you are in it – we spend quite a bit of time spinning our wheels and beating ourselves up when we neglect to shine the light of our awareness on where we actually are in our process – can you bring your consciousness to bear on where you are?? Like Butterfly Medicine – we are constantly in varying states of transformation – what stage are you at right now – the re-gression stage is similar in my mind to the cocoon stage – here is some audio to work with around Butterfly(Transformation) work :     Butterfly Transformation Meditation With Music

So one of the ideas and insights that came forth in our video yesterday was the realization that the honey has LAYERS of flavor!  Yum Yum – it was really impossible to describe the deliciousness of this Egyptian Honey – and of course the whole Egypt connection made me think of past lives – sometimes when we are in our re-gression work – we might go all the way back into our past lives in order to re-trieve the energy that we now need in order to make that quantum leap!  The work of the psyche is to go through layers and layers of our old stuff, to bring it all into the LIGHT and to re-integrate all the lost pieces of our souls.  When we do this Great Work – we are bringing healing, balance, and wholeness not only to ourselves but to the whole planet – since we are all ONE!  Be kind to your self when you find yourself in a regression period – know that this is a fundamental and necessary part of the cycle.  Use this time to actively engage in the actual work that is calling to you – not the to do list on your desk I can assure you of that.  The deeper you go the better you know and the more you are able to get back onto your True Path Of Destiny!  I encourage you to seek the assistance of a trained guide, facilitator or navigator to assist you in the Great Work – it can be a psychotherapist, an energy healer, a shamanic practitioner, a body worker – you will know what you most need in order to navigate and you WILL call the assistance forth from the Universe that is exactly right for you exactly on time I promise!

I Am of course available to assist you on your journey if you desire to do some deep work – Shamanic Medicine Work includes soul retrieval, past life regression, cutting karmic ties and more – if this calls to you please feel free to connect and set up some time to tend to the work of your Soul!

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Honey in Episode #20 – Egyptian El-Tempsah Honey Activity, Strength & Lively – Gift from My GORGEOUS SOUL SISTAR Bindy Johnson who received from her Iranian Mother – Don’t you just love the beauty of our connections around the world?  Like any mother any where – Iran, Iraq, Gaza, or Nashua NH we all want nothing but SWEETNESS for our precious children.