For this week’s Visionary Vibe Report I’ve been guided to share with you Archangel Michael’s prognosis for the year ahead which is also posted on my AngelAnswers Blog


The coming year looks to be quite a whirlwind – with lots of activity on both ends of the spectrum – lot’s of new and creative energies coming forth in the midst of lots of de-struction, dis-integration and decomposing.   The key for you is to find that sweet spot – the balance point, the fulcrum if you will that will help you to stay centered and focused on your highest growth and evolution.  Please remember that there  are tools for the journey available to you – I recommend my book Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels which will give you practical as well as spiritual advice and guidance for navigating the ups and downs of the coming year.  If you prefer to receive your “tune-ups” on the sound wave check out my cd Divine Union.    Be sure to check out the free Archangel Attunements on my site as well.  If you’d like a little more personalized attention through your own personal journey in the coming year I’d be delighted to act as your “Psychic Midwife” – schedule a session today!

Archangel Michael washes you with the power of the ocean and envelopes you in his protective mantle. Embedded with aquamarine, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 1050.

Archangel Michael washes you with the power of the ocean and envelopes you in his protective mantle. Embedded with aquamarine, this Vibrational Power Painting equals 1050.

Greetings Child of The Light, I AM grateful that you have created this opening for a moment of communication with myself and your other brothers and sisters in light here in the Celestial Realms. Your inquiry on behalf of the many is well received by us and we thank you for this opporutnity to bring through the messages and information that will serve the highest good of all concerned. Our first piece of wisdom is as always to remember to Breathe. Breathing in the Light and maintaining that Clear and Profound connection to Spirit that will allow you to bring forth what wishes to be shared about the next period of time as the end of time rapidly approaches.

For 2009 – This will be a year for many who will awaken to the presence of angels, guides & messengers from the Spirit Realm. More than ever, the energies will be perfectly aligning to activate this awakening process. What was once considered paranormal or even fringe in many belief systems will become much more normalized and accepted by many more of the masses than ever before. The presence & the guidance of spiritual helpers will begin to become common practice and more and more highly visible role models in every aspect of society will begin to “come out of the closet” with their own Spiritual Experiences. These role models will begin to speak more openly about their own “super” or “extra” sensory experiences, using language that will serve to increasingly normalize things like angel encounters, psychic abilities, intuition, gut instincts, spiritual and animal guide contacts and awakening to higher levels of consciousness.

There will be simultaneously a further breakdown and erosion of the old paradigm of command and control, of force, of imbalances and inequities thorughout the globe. Increased exposure of dishonesty and dishonorable actions will be unfolding especially in the earlier part of the year. There is a calling to task for everyone to look deeper, to truly discern and reveal any hidden agendas or secret motivations within themselves. As more people awaken to their own multi-dimensional super senses (or psychic abilities/gifts) they will be able to literally “see thorugh” any other’s attempts to spin a web of illusion. Trust, betrayal & issues of honesty will continue to be at the forefront in the early months. Practicing transparency and radical honesty in all your dealings is well advised.

As the spring equinox approaches a Great Balancing will commence. This balancing will begin to naturally and easily rectifyany inequities for those who have set aside their own personal agendas and ego needs in favor of service to the Source and the larger common good. For those still attached to the old ways this balancing will be more dramatic and possibly even quite painful to experience and to witness. Practicing detachment and being centered & clear within will allow those who will be close witness to the de-construction to navigate through without too much damage. The end result of this balancing/rectification process will be a time of great celebration.

By midsummer those who have been busily at work on creating the new, new paradigm businesses, new ways of relating to the human family, new ways of stewardship and honoring of all of Earth’s children and resources will begin to see the flowers and fruits of their labors. Those whose reality is crashing down are going to be looking to those who are creating the new for guidance and assistance in coming into alignment and re-creating their world. Co-creation, dream work, visioning, group work & partnering, cooperation and a deep committment to honest dealings and truth based relationships will begin to emerge as the “New Way”led by the Heart and by the Spirit Guided whose primary focus will be to empower and to midwife the birthing of these newly awakening souls into the fullness of their true selves.

There will be an ABUNDANCE of blessings and spiritual growth for so many in the coming year and many more will begin to seek for deeper meaning and more positive ways of being in the world as the awareness of their own personal ability to create and dream their world into being and their intimate interconnection with all life in the Entire Universe becomes so much more readily apparent and a part of their every day experience rather than just a concept of the mind or imagination.

Support for these changes at the 3D level can be found by connecting with and learning about the personal energy field, the field of light that informs and creates the physical experience. There are many teachers, healers, catalysts and activators who are poised and ready to assist in navigating these transformational times with greater ease, grace, balance, and harmony. Energy healing modalities will continue to gain in recognition and availability as compliments or alternatives to “modern” medical practices. In particular Sound Healing and Sound Therapy will become even more recognized as a powerful tool for shifting vibrations for both individuals and groups. Messages in music and song will become ever more prevalent for those who wish to open to “seeing” and “hearing” in a new way. The areas of music, sound, & video transmitted either through traditional channels or through the internet will be highly focal points for streaming through the energies of the higher consciousness that is presently in the process of being birthed forth throughout the planetary matrix.

There will also be a great calling for validators to come forth to assist those who are newly awakening to connect with, learn about, manage and employ their psychic super senses without fear. Abundance and blessings will be redefined for many with the focus shifting quite dramatically from the acquisition of material goods to the pursuit of a more holistic, balanced and Spiritually connected way of life. Self-care, self-responsibility and self-knowledge will become new focal points for attention as the Victim, Rescuer, Perpetrator energies are transcended and the opening of the heart initiates a process of awakeing to self-love and freedom from suffering for all beings.

Our greatest message to you now is to TRUST that a higher plan is unfolding and that guidance is always present within your own heart and from your team of guardian angels as each next step in your own personal journey is illuminated. I AM the Archangel Michael & I Love YOU!

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