Light Emanating - The Magenta Ray over the Mediterranean

Light Emanating - The Magenta Ray over the Mediterranean

Greetings of love, light and many blessings to you who have chosen to connect with me at this time – I appreciate your time, your energy and your willingness to give. I have been touched, opened, awakened and activated repeatedly over the last 7 years commencing with my beginning a practice of yoga.  Here is that story:

I used to be a pretty avid gym goer about 7 – 8 years ago – I worked out pretty regularly every day doing cardio and weight training. In March of 2001 I fell skiing, strained my MCL and ended up in physical therapy rehab which happened to also be in my gym. After 6 weeks of therapy I asked my therapist what he thought about me easing back into my gym routine by trying out a yoga class and he said fine as long as I paid attention to my body and backed off if anything felt funny – so I took my very first yoga class.

Since then I have to say that yoga has completely changed my life. My first teacher emanated such peace and grace and I discovered that not only was I able to strengthen, tone and shape my body in a very natural, organic and easy way but that I was able to open to a spiritual connection that I never would have imagined was available to me. To this day I practice almost daily, I haven’t really been back to the gym except for occasional spurts. I find that yoga gives me all I need – I have several video workouts – both gentle and vigorous and I do enjoy dropping in on yoga classes periodically to enjoy the energy of practicing in a group. My foundation is Kripalu Yoga – I’ve visited their center many times and enjoy this style the most for it’s relaxation and spiritual aspects. I like to say that I have a standing date every morning with Rodney Yee – I love his AM Stretch video, although I’ve also practiced to Patricia Waldren and to Baron Baptiste’s Power Yoga videos too. Yoga is so much more than exercise and I’m so grateful to have my practice – it keeps me grounded in my physical body, clears my mind, opens the way for releasing from the emotional body and strengthens more each day my connection to my spirit.

Since then I have created living breathing connections with the Crystal Kingdom, with The Archangelic Realm, with Mother Earth, with the Ancestors and the Lineage of Light and have had Spiritual Experiences too numerous to count – Each breath, each moment has become sacred to me.  I now have a desire to share my experiences and energy with you and would love to have you share your experiences and energy with me.

I have created this space for the purpose of both collecting and sharing Spiritual Experience Anecdotes which may end up becoming published in book or ebook format –  please feel free to comment below sharing your Spiritual Experience or experiences – and let me know if I have your permission to share in book format with the world!

Thank you for your time, your connection, your energy, your experiences and your grace.   May you be endlessly blessed by a strong, clear and active connection to Your Source!

With love and much light,

Amethyst Wyldfyre