The energies of release and the dying away of old paradigms have been incredibly intense.  There is a building, growing, amplifying awareness that much of the “way things are” is undergoing rapid & sometimes violent change.   Can you feel it?  Are you caught in the cleanse?  There is a toxic river that has been flowing for far too long and the time has come for it to be cleaned up and cleared out.  This is showing up throughout our world in many, many ways.  Each of us is navigating a bit differently.  visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineLightworkers as a whole have been doing their own very sacred and personal inner work of house cleaning, cleansing and allowing to fall away and die all that no longer serves for quite some time now.  Many of us have been called – over and over again – to take massive leaps of faith – to create something for ourselves that’s totally new- out of seemingly nothing and then almost immediately to let it collapse as we are moved on to the next level of light.  For some of us it is as if we have lived two, three, four or more lifetimes in just this last few years.  And the pace is accellerating. The closer we come to the end of time and the speed of light the more rapidly we are going to be manifesting.  Our manifesting powers are becoming so rapid for some of us that mere thoughts will create a near instant physical response in our surroundings.

We are being really deeply called to become ever more impeccable, impeccable with our thoughts, our words, our actions and our emotions.  The faster things go the more easily you can navigate by slowing down.  It’s vital to be clear, balanced, open and fluid.  We are being presented with continual opportunities to get virtually “instant” feedback from each choice that we decide to energize in any way.  Use your wisdom, fall back on your faith, trust in your inner guidance and really release the mind and the old ways of thinking and believing.  A massive cleanup of the collective consciousness has been activated.  The energies are pouring forth to support this cleanse.  Let GO.  It is SO important to LET GO.  If you hold on you will not float above the churning, swirling, decomposing energies – you’ll be sucked in to the deep of it, wallowing in the toxicity, the negativity and the intensity of the collective purge.  You must LET GO and LET GOD.  God/Spirit/Creator/Universe is a benevolent force and is activating this deep cleanse in preparation for an amazing quantum shift that is unfolding right before our very eyes.

In this request to you to LET GO – this means of EVERY THING.  Relationships, careers, places of residence, family ties, your belief systems, ways of thinking, ways of relating, feelings, possessions, EVERY THING.  NO attachment.  Cultivate the fine art of detachment.  You will be given a multitude of opportunities to practice this art.  One such opportunity may find you in the form of conflict within your personal relationships or you may discover that you are the target for another’s projections as they are moving through their own healing process.  Be clear, BREATHE, observe.  What is truly meaningful to you?  Do you wish peace and harmony.  Be peace and harmony.  DO NOT ENGAGE.  Many of us are being asked to move into learning this practice of detachment in our most intimate and close relationships.  This practice, in your very own hearts and  homes is designed to strengthen your ability to navigate with calm, compassionate and clear detachment as the larger collective begins to move through it’s “healing crisis”.  Be grateful for this opportunity to practice as practice makes perfect.  Be impeccable.

Let no heavy, dense or negative energy accumulate or sit with you or in your field of being for very long without moving to your toolbox and connecting with the practice or practices

Spirit Essence Necklace Made for Satya Amma Anela Avelokitasvara

Spirit Essence Necklace Made for Satya Amma Anela Avelokitasvara

that most serve you to assist you in clearing.  Your practice will pay off in honing your skills at doing this so that you can then teach it to others who will be POURING forth from the collective to seek your assistance and guidance.Many of you now have accumulated all the tools that you personally need to do this work – some are still in the process of their own final personal clearing and are encouraged to take whatever steps you are guided to take to collect your own tools – this can be in the form of instruments, stones, teachings, healing sessions, jewelry etc.  You will know – trust that you will know.  This is a true preparation for the incredibly high frequency vibrations that are imminent and will begin to flow in quite rapidly by the end of the coming Mercury Retrograde period which will commence on 1/11 and end February 1, 2009.

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