My 4 year old nephew joined me for this episode.  He’s quite something, all blond hair and big eyes isn’t he?  A little smart one too!  He came by to get his Christmas presents and received a “band in a box” from us this year.  His Dad said “buy him an instrument” so we were lucky to find a delightful gift for him that included several instruments which we purchased back in September in Chatham NY on our journey to visit with Don Franscisco the shaman from Peru.

mosok-rites-journey-10-08-050 During that journey I once again had the opportunity to be in Sacred Space with one of the members of my lineage who we call out to when opening sacred space during ceremony or when I’m doing my healing/shamanic work.   A beautiful piece of our teachings is the honoring of those who have gone before us and who were brave enough and courageous enough to not only navigate their own personal journey but who were wise and generous enough to distill the wisdom for us and to codify it into a set of teachings that include both prophesies and processes to assist us in navigating times of great transformation in our personal and collective lives.

The gift of teaching is one that is very, very precious to me.  Every time I have an opportunity to teach, to share, to pass on the wisdom and to create a sacred space for learning and growth I too am receiving.  I always feel that the class or workshop is a co-created effort – not just between me and Spirit but also between myself & my students.  Without the students there would be no vessels to contain or collect the stream of information, guidance, wisdom and teachings that flows forth.  One of the things I love to teach about (and also offer sessions of)  is Sound Healing – I have a workshop called Introduction to Sound and Sound Healing that is really quite enjoyable and very interactive for the audience and it’s exciting to me to see how interested in Sound my nephew is – I will definitely continue to encourage his explorations in this area for sure!

When contemplating how teaching connects with success I have to say that some of my most successful experiences have involved either teaching or receiving teachings.  This sharing of the wisdom is such an enormous gift.  Many messengers and teachers are being called forth at this time.  There is much that is dis-integrating in the outer world, much which is passing away.  There are teachers both great and small who have ancient and timely knowledge to share to assist all of us in navigating these Great Changes successfully with ease, grace and great love for ourselves, our communities and our planet.   I urge you to consider how important receiving teachings can be in fostering your own success.  I also urge you to carefully and honestly consider what teachings you may have to share with others – with your brothers and sisters on this planet – and to come out of the closet NOW, let your light shine forth and begin sharing the gifts and the teachings that only you can share.  The nectar that you’ll receive from being on both sides of this process will be sweet beyond compare!

Honey Info for Episode #19 – Airborne New Zealand Rewarewa Honey purchased as a Christmas gift for my brother from Cooking Matters in Nashua, NH

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