This video was shot a couple of days before Christmas during the day that I was working with my student Michael who is taking Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Master Teacher class from me.  My brother is also in this and he has been working on a project to finish my basement.  One of the things that came up during filming was the idea of Thyme (which is the kind of honey we were sharing) growing in a challenging environment.  This got me to thinking about our environment and how our environment either contributes to or detracts from our ability to be successful.

So what I’d like to share with you today is some thoughts about environments.  The environment you live and/or work in is like the soil into which you plant your seeds.  You have more control over that environment than you might think at first.  You have the option of choosing the colors and the decor of your environment.  You  get to choose what kind of tools you’d like to use, how you’d like to position your furnishings, who you’d like to be working with and more.  You can use the power of your intent to “set the stage” so to speak for whatever you’d like to create.  It’s vitally important to take a close look at whatever you have already created and to determine how it serves you.  Check in with how you are feeling – do you feel inspired, excited, stimulated, supported and joyful in your environment?  Is it a place where you feel peaceful, harmonious, creative and enlightened?  If not where are the areas where you are feeling challenged?  What can you do to “tweak” your environment to bring greater grace and ease into your life and  your world.

Bee collecting Nectar from Thyme from Airborne Honey site!

Bee collecting Nectar from Thyme from Airborne Honey site!

Sometimes a challenging environment can be beneficial – it is in this kind of environment where we are best able to demonstrate our strengths to ourselves, to get clear on what really works and to take ourselves to the next level.  It’s important to be very wise about discerning whether or not the environment is merely challenging or if it has become hostile.  If you find your self in a hostile environment – one in which you feel you are barely surviving or perhaps under attack – then by all means make an immediate exit.   Challenging environments are those environments where you are pushed to your edge – not over it.  In yoga practice we are invited to find our edge and to play with it.  We are also invited to be loyal to ourselves and to not push our selves beyond that edge because that is where injury and damage occurs.  The key is to find that sweet spot where we are at our edge, where we are able to tap into the best that is in us and to exercise it, honing our Spirit just like a sharpener hones the edge of the knife.

I ask you to take a moment now – to really bring your mindful attention and awareness to your environment – (and to your relationships too – for they are an integral part of the environment that you have created).  Ask yourself these questions:  Am I challenged here to grow in to the best me I can be?  or Am I withering away here in this toxic place where a little piece of me is dying every day? If your answer is affirmative to the first Yay for You!  If you answer is affirmative to the second then only you can decide what the best action is going to be for you.  Many people are going to be finding  as the old paradigms shift and crumble that they are suddenly in an environment that has moved from challenging to hostile.  This is the Universe’s way of letting you know that it is time for you to move on – to grow in to a new place – to shift your patterns and beliefs and to open to a higher form of being that is more in alignment with your true self.  Know that you are both alone on this journey and that we are ALL ONE.  There are many soul brothers and siSTARs who are waiting for your choice – the whole Universe is waiting for your choice – can you choose for yourself – can you choose what serves the highest good?  I challenge you today to create an environment for yourself within which you will thrive, not merely survive.

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Honey Info for Episode #17 – BeeRaw Buckwheat Honey – shared by friend/student/teacher & fellow shaman Michael Neely

Honey Info for Episode # 18 –  Airborne New Zealand Thyme Honey purchased at Cooking Matters, Nashua, NH