The time is upon us now to Up the Joy Vibration – to increase our vibratory rate to the level of JOY and to take this vibration and spread it throughout our world. As you approach and navigate through the holiday season each encounter with others in the larger world will be an opportunity for you to shine your “JOYlight”. With each opportunity to be Joy, to be Light, to be Love and to be Peace you are sowing seeds and catalyzing processes within the larger population that will accelerate and amplify the massive movement towards higher visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineand higher quotients of light that is in progress at the present time.  Universally and cosmically each of you Light Bearers is being assisted and amped to channel ever higher vibrations of light to larger and larger groups of humanity.  You are being called upon at this time to fully activate the fullness of your Christed vibration.   You are being called upon at this time to step into your personal mastery.   You are being called upon at this time to set aside your personal concerns and your personality desires to follow the calling of your high heart.  You are being called upon at this time to BE THE LIGHT.  You are being called upon at this time to SHINE THE LIGHT.  You are being called upon at this time to EMBODY THE LIGHT.

Love and light illuminates the darkness – love and light illuminates the shadows – love and light allows for the fullness of your consciousness to descend into and inhabit your physical body.  Send love, beam love, be love.  The Solar Logos is beaming high frequency messages and information into the magnetosphere for you to ingest, integrate and disseminate.  You are the living conductors of the light.  Make certain that your connection to the Great Earth Mother is solid and consistent.  Bring your conscious Awareness to this connection NOW.  Affirm NOW that you are grounded to the Mother – to Lady Gaia – through your Earth Star Chakra.  Open to receiving the JOY Light, Open to radiating the JOY Light, Open to spreading the JOY light.  Open to sharing the JOY Light with your brothers and sisters in Light, with all of humanity, with your animal brothers and sisters, with the stones and the trees and the waters and most especially with your Mother the Earth.

Celebrate and harmonize with the frequency of the birthing of the CHRIST Consciousness within your very marrow.  Every cell, every molecule, every atom, every subatomic particle of your being is now attuning and activating to carry in each and every moment this level of consciousness.  Shine the light of your awareness into your own shadowrealms and bring forth all that is waiting there to be released and reconciled into light.   Celebrate, welcome this light, breath this light share this consciousness with all who are ready to receive it.  Purify your intent.  Align with your highest levels of light.  Be the Way Showers and the Illuminators.  Your presence is a “booster” shot to any who have become lost in the labyrinth of the fear matrix.  Dissolve fear with your inner fire.  BE THE JOY.  SPREAD TIDINGS OF COMFORT AND JOY.  CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF THE NEW EARTH.


May you be showered with many presents of presence in your journey through this holiday season.  If you would like to join me in the New Year to catalyze even more of your brilliance please visit HERE to find out more  about  and to register for the 9 Weeks to A New You Group Coaching program.