Yesterday I happened across a blog post about the Earth’s Magnetosphere and how scientists are baffled by a massive breach – here is the LINK

Now I’m not a trained scientist (although science is one of my most fave subjects) but I am a trained shaman and I have a perspective on what’s happening with this breach and what it means for all of us.  If you read through the article you’ll notice that the breach is letting solar wind in to our planetary matrix – this is electrical energy from the sun.   I believe that the Mother Earth is moving through her Ascension process and is opening to receive more light/energy/information from the sun.  This light/energy/information is activating many people on a planetary scale to move into our next level of evolution.

Remember your History & Pre History teachings?  Remember that once upon a time a species known as Homo Erectus & Homo Neanderthalensis walked the Earth?  Then out of (where?) the blue Homo Sapien emerged and from there Homo Sapiens Sapiens?  (See Wikipedia for more on Human Evolution) .  So all through out history – creation has been constantly growing and evolving.  Did we think that the Creator was done with Homo sapiens sapiens?  What’s next?? and When?

In the tradition that I have been trained in there are prophesies and processes that have been preserved through centuries of time by the high medicine people of the Andes and the Jungles of the Amazon in Peru.  These prophesies talk about a time when a new human would appear – a human that some are calling Homo Luminous (others use the term Homo Spiritus like David Hawkins in his book Power vs. Force).  I believe – as do many others – that these prophesies are true and that we are living in monumentally transformative times munay-ki-jan-09and more importantly that the processes that were preserved by these high medicine people will help us to “make the leap” of evolution to the next level.  We are morphing as a species – right here, right now.  We have the opportunity to activate our light bodies to be able to not just survive but to thrive as the New Earth emerges.  We are able if we wish to access these higher energies and to attune to receiving the light from Father Sun and to transmit  that light through ourselves to our planet and to our brothers and sisters who wish to become activated.

In January I’m teaching the Munay-Ki – these are the 9 Great Rites of Initiation.  These rites help to clear, activate and prepare the light body for the tranformation from Homo sapiens sapiens to Homo Luminous.  More information about the Munay-Ki can be found at the Munay-Ki site

This work is POWERFULLY transformative – if you are called to it you will know of that I have no doubt.  The time is now to choose your path of destiny – will you make the leap?  No matter the choice – remember that you are eternally loved and supported by Great Spirit and that your soul will guide you perfectly to the place that will be most in alignment with your personal path of soul growth.

If you find yourself called to take this workshop and you are not in this area (Southern NH) you can find teachers from around the world listed on the Munay-Ki site.  The class I’m teaching will be held on January 9 – 11.  Please contact me by email at if you’d like the flyer/registration information.  And if you feel that this information would be useful to someone else – please feel free to share this post and my contact info.

Connect deeply with the Mother Earth – during these transitional times it is vitally important to have a deep, solid and clear connection with her – she is our “space ship” as well as being our Mother who loves, nourishes and supports us energetically as well as physically with all we need to not just survive but to THRIVE!