Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with a lovely young man Michael Neeley who is a fellow Shaman currently in training in the Healing The Light Body School and also a student of mine who is taking Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Basic Healer and Master Teacher workshop with me this month.  I was thrilled that he brought a little surprise with him  yesterday!  Yes!! A NEW honey to try – this was Washington Buckwheat Honey by the BeeRaw people and let me tell you it was totally amazing.  His gift inspired me to do another episode of the Honey Party – and this one is all about SHARING.

Success by itself can be really quite sweet but there’s something really special about sharing your successes with someone else – whether it’s just one friend (like Michael and I yesterday) or your family, or maybe a whole group (any excuse for a party works for me!) – one of the sweetest things to do is to share that good vibration – the positive energy that is generated when you succeed.  As we approach the end of 2008 and head into the heightened activity of the holiday season it’s time to look at your successes from this past year.  It’s also time to look around and see who you’d like to share with – Brighten their day and your own by having a little Honey Party yourself!

Michael and I had a wonderful day yesterday – not just sharing the honey but also sharing energy – He’s learning to teach Shamballa and one of his tasks yesterday was to set up our altar and a vortex of energy into which we could release any energies that were no longer serving us.  Here’s a photo of what he did – quite extraordinary I think – don’t you?

Notice the Orb by Michael's Hand?

Notice the Orb by Michael's Hand?

So right in the middle of writing this post – the phone rang – and out of no where – who was calling??? MTV CANADA!!!  I’ve been asked to come on in January to do readings for two of their show hosts and make some predictions for the year ahead.  Thank goodness my brother is here  (he’s working on finishing my basement) – I could barely contain my excitement  –  MTV CANADA!! OMG!!! I ran down stairs and we did the happy dance together – and now I’m sharing with you!   Wow what a way to end my 2008 – I’ve been blessed in so many ways – thank you all for being a part of my journey – celebrate your own success – share with someone you love – give gratitude to yourself for being brave and risking trying new things, to your friends and family for supporting you along the way, to your “upstairs team” for their loving guidance and assistance.  Remember to keep your feet firmly rooted in the Mother Earth (just like the Sacred Apus) and keep reaching for the stars!  Shine your light and be a beacon for others to shine their own…… May you be blessed with endless successes.

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