I just started to be a guest blogger on the One Consciousness site and posted an article about Shamanic Healing – Readers you might want to check out this site http://www.oneconsciousness.org – it’s a non-profit site with all kinds of great consciousness content on it.  I’m excited about the many possibilities that are unfolding  for the coming year.  In January I’ll be going to LA for a joint venture with Suzanne Falter Barnes who’s producing  Recession Poof Your Business – How to Get the World to Beat Down Your Door with an Offer Only You Can Make’. Suzanne is an incredibly successful professional coach and media expert who I’ve been following now since 2003 – she has some EXCELLENT products, workshops and classes for anyone who is interested in really bringing their business to the next level.  We worked together on the Recession Poof workshop in Portsmouth that was held in November and it was such a wonderful experience for both of us that she’s invited me to participate with her as she brings the workshop around the country!  It’s going to be a great year I think!

I’m also excited to announce that I should have my Mini-Books from the Messenger Mini-Book Program in print and available as e-books shortly after the first of the year – three are coming out from me – Magical Questions – A Spiral Journey of Spiritual Awakening, Stone Medicine – Krystals In Kaleidoscope and Angel ABC’s -26 Simple Steps to Activating Your Angelic Presence.  Here is a shot of the covers for Magical Questions and Stone Medicine – Angel ABC’s cover is still in progressmagical-questions-cover-onlystone-medicine-book-cover-front-only.  I’ve partnered with Wendy Stevens at Gardenplum.com who is stocked with the Official Stone Medicine Krystals In Kaleidoscope Medicine Bags which can be bought now if you like while waiting for the book to come out!

This year it’s all about partnering – who can you co-create with?? I’ve found a number of different people that I like, trust and believe in that I am going to be sharing my energy with for the coming year.  Many of you know that this past year I started as a consultant with the Messenger Network.  Going forward I’m going to be continuing to promote and participate in Messenger Network Programs, including the Messenger Mini-Book Program which is underway right now.   Pretty soon Robert Evans the Founder of the Messenger Network is going to be rolling out two additional programs – How To Become A Telemessenger (which will be the last time that Robert does this program live) and the Messenger List Build Program (which is a multipart series of classes that will teach a whole slew of ways to both start building and keep the energy flowing to your list of clients/customers.  If you are a healer, an author, speaker or coach this is a great program to help you build your business using the internet and technology.  I’m also going to be working on behalf of the Messenger Network to partner with “Professional Messengers”  (people like Suzanne Falter Barnes or Nancy Marmolejo who teaches all about how to use Social Networking to Boost your Business – She’s got an event starting  Tuesday December 16 – Quick & Easy Social Networking for Entrepreneurs) who are already doing great things in the “big” world to co-create programs specifically for the Messengers who are already a part of the Messenger Network and which will be open to anyone else who’d like to step into bringing forth their own message.  Watch for more news of this on the horizon.  Finally I’m heading up the efforts to create a Messenger Network Cruise Conference which will be held some time in the late spring or early summer.

Look too for my joint venture in the creation of a Sound Meditation CD with Sarah Elizabeth Whitcomb and Bindy Johnson where we’ll be working with Sound, Singing Bowls and Guided Meditation to create a healing, attuning and activating experience for our listeners.   I’m also working on producing a radio show in partnership with Susan Sloane called Blazing Forth the Light – which will be on blogtalk radio and will be all about Having Fun and Ascension!  We’ll be talking more about that after the first of the year and will keep you posted!   In addition to the partnerships I’ve formed I’m also going to continue producing my own work – three more mini-books are in progress and a Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Experience CD is on the way too.   Whew 2009 is going to be busy and very, very fun and exciting!  I hope you’ll take the opportunity to connect with me and my work either through attending live or virtual classes & workshops, through one on one sessions or by purchasing my books, sound or spoken word products or perhaps a beautiful, handcrafted, custom Spirit Essence Necklace co-created just for where you are on your personal journey by me and your “upstairs team” of angels and guides.  Be sure to check out my website – Celestial Voices-An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels and Divine Union– A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey are available for sale – still time to get them shipped to you before Christmas!

May your 2009 be as fruitful as you desire and may all your stars line up to help make your dreams come true!