Flowing through the 12:12 Gateway was sweet and powerful. Between the 11:11 and the 12:12 was a period of incredibly rapid transformation, acceleration, attunement, healing, releasement and activation. All that needed to be really GONE before we entered into the new energies of 1visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolinethe coming year was up for dis – integration. Many lightworkers were asked to plumb the depths of their consciousness and their sub-consciousness in order to bring forth anything that might have been blocking their forward movement.

The releasement process was across the board. Some experiencing physical clearing, many working at the emotional and mental levels and some of us fortunately able and equipped and supported in doing the work primarily at the energetic.   So after all that clearing, offloading, releasing and cleansing where are we now?

Stillness – cultivating stillness.  Being still even in the midst of much activity, even in the midst of major shifts and adjustments going on all around us, even in the midst of external crisis both large and small.  Breathing and being.  Breathing and being.  We are now called to still ourselves and to be the Eye again.  So much is being shifted and re-configured both externally and internally and we are being called to allow the “upstairs team” to work on us – helping us to heal and recharge from the work of the last year and to allow the clearing of the canvas as we look towards the new.

How can we best cultivate stillness?  Time in nature – watching and observing the moment by moment movement of the Earth.  Being in touch with the heartbeat of the Mother – the Schumann Resonance is a great start.  Can you go inward and focus?  I’ve posted here an audio meditation that will help you to connect to the deep feminine, the heart core of the Mother that is the place from which our ability to be still lies.   pc0300243

Connecting With The HeartBeat of the Mother – Meditation

Sometimes (usually!) the biggest challenge to being in a state of stillness is our mental body!  Our mental body is highly enmeshed with the idea of time and is like a caged animal – pacing and fretting that there isn’t enough.  There isn’t enough time to get A B or C done, there isn’t enough resources to go around, there isn’t enough room for everyone,  these are some of the thought forms that our mental body sends through our minds that cause us to be continually in a fight or flight mode.  When we are in fight or flight mode – there is no way that we can be fully present to what is unfolding in the moment.  When we are in fight or flight – that pacing, frustrated, caged beast place –  we are very ineffective in what it is we wish to manifest and all of our creations are tinged with this energy.   When we are in fight or flight it can be very difficult to disengage too and to settle into the place where nature/Universe just brings us all we need synchronistically.   We are caught, trapped, emotionally and mentally either paralyzed or running in circles and not really getting anything accomplished at all other than raising our blood pressure and often “stirring the pot” and causing those around us to have the flight or fight response activated too!  Ultimately the fight or flight mode leaves is in a place where all we can concern ourselves with is survival – the impetus for this is the fear of death.

Cultivating a practice of coming into stillness at least once each day (more often is even more wonderful!) will allow your body/mind time to re-set and relax – and provides great benefits – physically, mentally and emotionally.  Be like the great trees – grow slowly – enjoy each unfolding moment – bring awareness and presence to your days.  Breathe, take time and make it your friend.  Make death your friend.  When you can befriend death you can bring meaning and purpose and presence to each and every moment – you can realize that you are eternal, immortal and everlasting at the core of your being and that your consciousness can never be extinguished.  From this mindset you begin to thrive in the world, you begin to truly step into your power and become eminently effective in the world.

Befriending death can happen through a process that we use in the shamanic tradition that I am trained in.  We have a process called the death rites that allows the light body to be freed from the physical body – to take it’s death flight and to travel to the healing temples for deep work.  This process also “shows the way home” to our light body so that when the time comes that we are actually ready to disrobe from this physical body our light body will have a map and practice at going to the upper world.  I’ve been called upon several times in the period between the 11:11 and the 12:12 gateways to perform death rites for clients – sometimes the work was to assist a disembodied spirit who had taken up residence in my client’s field – other times the work was to assist my client in sending their light body on a practice run.    I’ve also been called quite a bit lately to assist on pieces of land or in buildings to release earthbound spirits through vortexes of white light.  The great harvesting of souls is underway and many are being called forth to be returned home to the light.   If you are interested in exploring medicine work with me, please visit my website for more information.