visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolineThe 12:12 Gateway opening at the end of this week is an opportunity for us to choose – to choose to align with our highest soul calling, with our deepest path of service or to remain in a state of denial about why we are here – this particular gateway is aligned with the energies of the Christ Consciousness and the choice becomes – do I wish to EMBODY – here and now the Consciousness level of the Christed Being that I really am at the core of my essence. 


Calling forth that level of consciousness/energy and literally embodying it in the world is the direction we are all heading towards.  So as you choose for yourself in each moment – ask – is this choice bringing me closer to my divine destiny or further away?


Full Moon supports this choice in “fully” embodying the Twin Flame aspect of your being in Divine Union of Sacred Masculine/Sacred Feminine qualities/energies merging and flowing into Oneness/Unity within  – as this union occurs perfect balance  is restored in both the inner and the outer worlds.  This happens – moment by moment, choice by choice. 


As each light body begins to activate and hold the higher frequencies of light and love we are approaching critical mass – the tipping point from my perspective occured on 6/6/6 and with each gateway more and more light quotient from the upper levels of the Celestial Realms is pouring forth – activating and attuning us to our highest channelable frequency.  The increasing light levels will continue to amplify with each successive gateway from now through the 11:11:11 which will occur in 2011 as we enter into the Universal stage of the Mayan Calendar.  You are now being asked to truly release anything that would block you from full union with your Divine I AM Presence.


It is my perspective that the awakening and the commencement of the re-configuring of the Divine Feminine aspects of self took place from 2000 – 2006 within and through primarily those incarnated in female bodies.  The awakening and commencement of the re-configuring of the Divine Masculine aspects commenced on 6/6/6 and is proceeding apace – we are now about 1/2 of the way towards the full re-configuration of the Divine Masculine in preparation for Divine Union of the Twin Flame Essence within your individual heart chakra.  Re-configuration of course requires some dismantling of old paradigm thouightforms and creations that no longer serve.  To hold onto what is collapsing now is futile.  Breathe and allow and re-member your own innate capacity to create beauty, truth and goodness in the world.    You are endlessly supported by your Earth Mother who provides all the elements that you require for an easy and thriving existence as you walk in your true path.


Each of us is at varying stages in this process- some are just now awakening to the idea that there is a process underway – others have yet to awaken and will be on the expedited track – facilitated, coached, guided, loved and supported by those of us who have moved ahead on the trail making maps and carrying beacons for the rest to follow.   Surrender to the process and active participation in the releasing of old thoughts, emotions, patterns of behavior, karmic and past life connections, will allow the process to unfold for you with ease and grace.  The ideal is to engage at this process at the level of Spirit – at the energetic – rather than letting things show up in the mental, emotional or physical for releasing.  The most leverage is available at the level of the energetic.  You are now able to choose the timeline/destiny path that is your highest possible destiny if you are ready to do the work of letting go and surrendering up to Spirit everything that is not in alignment with this path.  


Following this 12:12 the full activation of the merging of the two poles is initiated.  Birthing forth a balanced new Earth that is harmonious to all of life and restoring Heaven on Mother Earth NOW.  Take each moment – as this is more and more a moment by moment choice and bring the light of your consciousness to what you are doing/choosing/creating/co-creating.  Is this activity bringing more peace, harmony, beauty, truth and goodness to all whom you serve?  Ask deeply and ask often.  Archangel Michael is overlighting this message and invites you to lay down the sword now of the Spiritual Warrior and take up the Calla Lily of the Spiritual Knower. 


Breathing in the Light I AM at your service and flow blessings of the Violet Spectral Ray to surround and engulf you now to burn away all the dross, heavy or negative energies that are being ejected from your field.  In love and peace, I AM that I AM.





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