Well this is it for a while – the final episode of the Honey Party Series – I’m fresh out of Honey unless some more shows up on the scene – you never know!! I’ve really enjoyed doing the Honey Party Episodes – Some are corny, some are a little more serious but over all the whole thing was totally a blast!! 

So let’s explore the whole idea of Inspiration a bit more shall we??? Inspiration for me starts with the breath – getting connected – deeply – to the life force, the prana, that is present in the air that we breathe, being connected to my own breath, breathing deeply, deep into my chest and abdomen is one of the easiest ways to clear the mind, to calm the emotional body and to invigorate the physical body.  Everything from the moment you arrive on the planet – starts with the breath.  You are coded to breathe and when you breathe shallowly – as most people do – the body thinks that it is dying – the end of the life force in the body comes with that last breath.  So any body that thinks it’s dying is going to have most of it’s energy focused on survival. 

When your entire being is focused on survival it’s nearly impossible to be creative, innovative  or successful.  Another wonderful way to calm the body and the mind and make it a hospitable place for the Spirit (inspiration – IN – get it? the spirit comes IN – In to the body!) is to spend time in Nature – connecting with Mother Earth – go outside – look around you – even in Naked November there is still plenty – watch the wildlife, notice the birds, the squirrels, the foxes, the fish.  Look at the ocean if you live near one, see the vastness, notice all the trees, the stones, the elements of creation are all around you.  You can be a master of the material world if only you are willing to connect to the elemental forces that create it!  Talk to the Faeries, the Gnomes, the Dwarves, The Rivers, The Birds, The Bees, the Stone People, the Tree People.   You might find yourself INSPIRED just by a walk out into Great Spirit’s Art Studio!

Finally remember your human connections – we are all connected – it is through our human relations and relationships that we receive our greatest gifts and our greatest learning experiences.  Give thanks today for all of the beautiful people in your life.  Having friends is God’s way of bringing angels into our lives every day.  Who are the angels in your life? Can you acknowledge all that they bring to you to enrich your experience of this plane of reality??   How about your family – I know many of us have experienced a lot of pain with our family of origin but if you can pause for just one minute and shift your focus out of the pain for just a tiny second see if you can find the gift in that painful experience – did you become more courageous? – was your gift greater sensitivity? – maybe it was a “backwards” gift – you saw what you didn’t want to be and became something else instead?  Whatever it was – there was a gift there I can assure you!!

So as we come to the end of this season’s Honey Parties I want to say thank you for your support and for Sharing Sweet Success with me!  If you felt that these little videos and blog posts helped you in some way and you’d like to share them with others please feel free to pass them along – comments on the posts are always great too because then the “webcrawlers” (some mathmatical program that scans the internet for “hot” topics) will be able to help more people get to see them.  If you have your own blog – feel free to use some of my material with appropriate credits and link backs to me either here on this blog or on my website.  It’s been really great!  Here’s to Your Success!!


Honeys 13-16:

Episode #13 – Fiore di Miele Italian Chestnut Honey from the Piemonte Region Bought at Earth Energies in Nashua, NH

Episode #14 – Moorland Pure Country Tupelo Honey Moorland Apiaries Littleton NH – Bought at Earth Energies in Nashua, NH

Episode #15 – Savannah Bee Company Winter White Honey www.savannahbee.com Bought at Cooking Matters in Downtown Nashua, NH 

Episode #16 – Chilean Tiaca Honey – The White Honey – www.chileangourmet.ci A gift from the Faerie of Fun – my biggest fan and one of my most fervent supporters – Darlene Pina (and a FABULOUS YOGI too!)


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