Heading into the December holidays and having just passed the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the US a lot is happening that connects us with food.  Food of course is what sustains our physical bodies and in fact contributes to the creation and maintenance of them as well.  During the holiday season because visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolinethere is SO MUCH ABUNDANCE we are surrounded by multiple opportunities to feast and to connect with others through the sharing of food. 

One of the things that I’ve noticed and that I’ve noticed seems to be happening with others as we navigate this ascension process collectively is that there are times – particularly during or immediately after a strong energetic wave – where my body will ask for a certain type of food.  I first noticed this about 3 or 4 years ago when I connected with someone whose vibrational field was much more highly refined than mine was at the time.   After spending a few hours with this person it was pretty clear to me that something had been activated in my energy field.  Within the next day or so I began to eat raw tuna – A LOT.  I had raw tuna for lunch and for dinner four days in a row – I began to think I was going to be eating raw tuna for the rest of my life and then it passed. 

Since then I’ve been very clearly urged at certain times by my body to ingest certain foods.  One of the most important things that I’ve learned is to LISTEN to my BODY!! My Body knows – much better than my mind does – exactly what it needs, how much and when.  It took a while to break the years of familial as well as societal conditioning around what, when, where, how much and how often to eat.  I’ve developed a workshop series around the whole subject which I’m happy to teach either live or via teleclass if I have enough demand for it.  It’s a three part series called The Body Wisdom Series  – The modules are Connecting With the Wisdom of Your Body, Grounding for Weightloss and Ceremonial Eating.     

Anyway – back to these funny food fixations. 

Ah the French just love their food - isn't it beautiful??

Open Market in Cannes France - Isn't this Food just Gorgeous?

  I’ve been receiving information about what they mean – at least for me and a couple of times for other people who mentioned their food “thing” and I tracked the answer for them.  Here’s a list of what I’ve been given for information so far:

Raw Tuna – Helped to add essential amino acids and fatty acids for a DNA restructuring

Avocado – Helped to add good “fats” to assist in the strengthening of the myelin sheaths which coat the nerves allowing the central nervous system to “flow” more highly refined vibrational patterns and energies.

Peanuts – Helped to provide proteins in vegetable format for DNA restructuring as well as assisting in grounding in unusual higher vibrational energy patterns

Raisins – Helped to amp the iron content in the body to assist in grounding and magnetizing positive energies and abundance

Blueberries – High Anti oxident properties also assists Indigos in staying in balance by supplying color therapy

Goji Berries – Assists in connection with Tibetan energy patterns of loving kindness and Shamballa energies

Acai Berries – High Anti oxident properties and assists in connecting with the Rain Forest energies and with the Amazonian shamanic tradition – aids in enhancing tracking skills.

Carrot Juice – Helped to re-wire the optical nervous system enhancing clarity of vision – both physical and clairvoyant vision

Chocolate – Grounding and elevating simultaneously, amps the love vibration through the solar plexus and the heart and stimulates the release of endorphins – use sparingly but lovingly – I’m especially fond of dark chocolate with raspberry filling.

Honey – SWEETNESS – helps to connect with abundance and goodness of the Earth, assists in working with others, sharing, promotes teamwork, promotes acknowledging the beauty in life, and BEE ing in the moment.  Again use sparingly – you can get High on Honey if you eat too much!  (Have you checked out my Honey Parties on this blog?? Sharing Sweet Success – The Honey Party Episodes 1-16 – I think you’ll enjoy!)

Just so you are aware – I’m not a medical doctor or a nutritionist – this information is being channeled to me and is a result of my own personal experiences as well as with the experiences of some of my clients. 

Body awareness is going to be even more important in the coming weeks and months – as the energies are amped up ever higher in preparation for the 2012 shift.  Our bodies are the vehicles within which our higher self energies are going to reside.  The mission is to ground these higher self energies here on this plane – to bring the return of Heaven On Mother Earth (HOME).  So be kind to your body, nurture it, give it exercise as it desires, feed it what it wants to be fed, when it wants to be fed. 

If you are challenged by eating disorders, or by old conditioning or difficult habits your body signalling system may need to be re-wired and  you may need to be re-trained in the proper signal reception.  Also you may just need some facts from people who are far more well trained then I am about food and nutrition.   Three folks who come to mind right away are:

Deanna Latson – who is a dynamite public speaker and an outstanding personal coach around health and wellness – she has a really wonderful audio postcard coaching program that’s incredibly reasonable and packed with valuable information and motivation.   Check her out at www.gotohealth.com

Anne Maas – The Nutritionette – Anne is a personal friend of mine and has been stepping out into bringing her message about healthful eating to the world through her radio show Everyday Eating with the Nutritionette which airs every Saturday morning  from 10-11am EST on WBNW 1120 AM, broadcast live in Massachusetts and select locations throughout New England. You can also visit her website where she blogs about things like Brussels Sprouts and how to make them taste delicious (I swear they did taste great when I used her recipe suggestion)

Finally if you are thinking about exploring RAW FOOD – the go to gal for that has got to be Revell – hosts the Rawkin Radio show, is a life coach, author, international speaker and just a lovely person to connect with and learn from. http://revvellations.com/

If you do decide to connect with one or more of these fine ladies – please tell them I sent you! 

Energetically I can assist in the releasing of the old patterns of self sabotage and self destructive behavior through my shamanic healing work and of course as mentioned above I’m definately open to teaching my Body Wisdom series if there is a calling for it from my community.

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