Today I’m all about Innovation!! This is such an amazing time that we live in – yes I know there is a lot of fear out there and some people are really experiencing difficult situations but I look around me everywhere and see what an abundant Universe we live in and I observe how endlessly creative we are and I can help but be enthusiastic and hopeful.

Sometimes the best time to be successful is EXACTLY when everything seems to be falling apart.  It’s a great time to look around and see what’s working for you in your life – cultivate that, nurture it, shore it up, and give it plenty of energy.  And what’s not working??? Well throw that right out – this is the Tower time if you are someone who connects with the Archetypal energies of the Tarot.  The Tower is when everything that no longer serves comes crashing down.  So what’s not serving you anymore?? Is it old thinking patterns?  Is it old emotional wounds that are being triggered again?  Is it failure to appreciate the beauty of your own mind, heart and hands to be creative as well as innovative?

Innovation is the gift of seeing something that is already in existence and improving upon it in some way – sometimes it’s a totally new take on an old idea – sometimes it’s just a tiny tweek that makes things work oh so much better.  If you are a parent you will know exactly what I’m talking about here – how many of you have seen the unbelievable proliferation of absolutely GREAT ideas to help keep babies entertained, more comfortable or safer just since your own child was first born?  In just that one market there has been incredible innovation over the years sometimes within a few months a new product will arrive that just takes the “mommy & daddy” market by storm. 

Want to be successful but you aren’t quite sure that you have it in you to come up with something totally brand new?? (whether it’s an idea, product, or service) – Well look around in your particular area of interest.  How many times have you heard yourself say – “I wish someone would come up with a better way to _________(fill in the blank) – THERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!!!  Get yourself a journal and brainstorm – allow as many fanciful and wonderful ideas as arrive to land on the page – maybe do some doodling – be a little crazy (like I am in today’s video!) – give your self permission – let those juices flow. 

It’s when we stop up our juices – with ugly words and thoughts like – “Oh I couldn’t possibly do________ ” or “I don’t have the _______(time, money, energy, etc)” that we get into really big trouble.  Sometimes we get so stuck in our own maze of mental or emotional tapes that we need a little illumination or navigation assistance.   Sometimes we aren’t even playing tapes from our own lives – often we are replaying the tapes of our parents and grandparents and occasionally we are playing a generational tape, a story embedded in the DNA and in the family myth that sows seeds of negativity that entangle us and trip us up whenever we are trying to take a step forward.

So if you feel like you’ve done your own work – if you feel like you’ve cleared up your own personal wounding and you are still coming up with the same patterns of defeat, depression or desolation then maybe it’s time to have some outside help – Shamanic healing is particularly powerful in assisting with this work – The shaman can journey to your lower world and bring back a lost soul part, clear generational patterns, release archetypal binds and assist you in drawing a new map, creating a new myth and stepping into the destiny that you were born to manifest.  

Not sure you need to go that deep and you’d just like to get a little clarity to help you to “see” better and to be more proactive in dreaming your world into being?? Clarity Coaching is another great option – or maybe you’d like an Answer From Your Angels – psychic readings are fun and informative and can lead to healing work you didn’t even know you had to do. 

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Look for Honeys that I haven’t posted yet on my next post about success!

By the way I forgot to mention in today’s video that this particular honey is from the delicate wildflowers near the North Pole – Imagine that??? I am eating NORTH POLE Honey!! What a world we live in…….