It’s SOOO Good to be on the other side of the 11:11 gateway.  Now I know exactly what the plant people feel like as they are fingering their way up through the soil and pushing through the stones and debris to get to the light!  It’s been a lovely week of productivity and personal flow for me – and for most light workers that I’ve been in contact with – the collective energy is one of a visionaryvibe_logo_sm_nolinegiant sigh of relief.

I was saying to someone the other day at an expo I attended that this past year’s energy was like a snake digesting a rat – and I feel like that rat is now fully digested, integrated and any waste has been eliminated.  There has been a great call home for many – being in – out of the public – nesting and connecting with the abundance of the Mother and with our own personal sanctuaries is really primary for us right now.  Fear not that you are becoming a hermit and will never go out into the larger world again – this is a phase of integration and resting from the massive labor of not just the last year but of the last 10 years. 

It’s REALLY OK to just let yourself rest – to give yourself time to revitalize and re-energize.  It’s also OK to let yourself be moved forward – this is different of course than the active engagement of seeking out and running towards whatever is next.  It’s more like surrendering to the flow of the currents of the river of life, just laying back and seeing where it’s going to take you – no worries about how fast or how slow the river is moving – just lay back, surrender, allow yourself to be carried, rest and receive. 

Synchronicity is going to be very high over the course of the next several weeks and these synchronistic experiences and connections are going to be fertile ground from which to co-create the vision for your coming year.  Free yourself from any unnecessary distractions – revel in saying no and in staying in.  Clear your space, your mind, your emotions and open, open, open to receive.  Let yourselve receive – let yourself become aware of the abundant opportunities for connection and creation that are just going to start piling up at your doorway. 

If you are reading this post then you are poised for a HUGE demand for your work/services/message that you are here to deliver.  You are poised and ready to take full advantage of the demand that will be generated in the larger population as the old paradigm crumbles away and the new Earth emerges.  As lightworkers you have “gone before” the bulk of the population to pave the paths, to map the territory, to lay the foundation and to lead from the heart.  Grant yourself the grace of a rest period through the end of this year.  2009 will see you and your work flowing and flowering as you spread the seeds of love and light and cultivate the garden of true peace, harmony and unconditional acceptance of what is and what will always be.  Take a moment right now and just BREATHE!


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