In today’s episode I talk about creating Sacred Space for your success – I was on the phone last night to one of my oldest friends Michele who owns Victory Sport Horses in Gainesville Florida and also is a photographer with her husband Dave Mullinix who goes all up and down the East Coast photographing horses at horse shows and other events.  

She has, in recent years, been opening up to her creative side and recently she’s started to write.  On the phone last night she was expressing her concerns that there might be something wrong because all she wants to do is close her self in her room and write.

I assured her that it was vital to her well being to answer the “call of the muse” and do her writing when it’s coming through and I also validated for her how important it is to honor and value yourself and your creative expression enough to make the space and time for it to happen.  Sometimes that means saying to your family members that they are on their own for dinner tonight – sometimes it means letting go of connecting with your friends or colleagues for a bit – sometimes it means using the magic word “NO”.  As my colleague and magical medicine sister Nancy Marmolejo said recently in one of her blog posts NO is a complete sentence!  When you successfully complete whatever your next brainchild is you may want to hook up with Nancy for some great and super current marketing advice like this marketing tip from Crazy Horse from recent blog post of hers.

Setting boundaries for yourself is a useful thing to do in all areas of your life.  It’s important to be clear about what you do and do not want to show up in your world.  Boundaries aren’t meant to block the flow – rather they are meant to create a container within which the flow can be captured – kind of like the way the basin of the lake holds the water allowing the element of water to transform itself into something more – the lake!

A good boundary is like a clear window pane – You can see out, the light can come in but the dust and debris, the cold or the hot air, the sounds of traffic etc. are kept out of your space.  No judgment either – it’s not about judging what’s outside of your boundaries as bad and what’s inside as good – it’s about knowing what’s good FOR YOU, claiming it and leaving everything else out.

So make sure you create some sacred space today – it will do you a world of good and will help you to focus and concentrate on YOUR SUCCESS!

Interested in learning more about creating space or getting clarity in your life?  Perhaps a Clarity Coaching session would serve.  I promised I’d give you some more of the honey info which I’ll do below – but before I do did you check out my new necklace in the video???  Very Egyptian wouldn’t you agree?  I made it on Friday from beads that I picked up in September on my way back from a week of Shamanic Medicine Work.  Maybe you’d like to order a Spirit Essence Necklace and call upon the energies, wisdom and assistance of the Crystal Kingdom to assist you through your present transition on your personal journey.  I went to the International Gem Show this past weekend and brought back a SLEW of new beads that are just jumping to serve!  Here’s what a medicine brother had to say about his new Spirit Essence Necklace:

Oh My…..Goddess!!!  I received the package and sat with it for about a half hour. I got my Mesa, Rattles, Feather and Spirit Water. I felt the need to create a ceremony to bring this Beauty into my life. I headed outdoors and found one of my favorite places to perch. I came to stillness and began unwrapping the package. The Beauty that emerged was breathing taking…..I was speechless….overwhelmed with feeling. My initial instinct was to put it on but when I went to something stopped me……I had not honored this Beauty. I placed the Spirit Essence on my Mesa and began to rattle above it facing South and going through the Medicine Wheel I turned, honoring the Directions, Pachamama and Inti Ti and as my gaze rose towards the Heavens 2 Hawks circled above me…..the time was Now so I placed it around my neck and I Walk in Beauty.  I Feel It……..

May You All-ways Walk in Beauty and Bliss.

Munay, Frank”


Ok – On to the honey-  6 more today –

Episode #7 Manuka Honey Bio Active 10+ from New Zealand  – bought this at Earth Energies in Nashua, NH (Remember this is MEDICINE honey – Very Intense but totally terrific for colds and sore throats!)

Episode #8  FiordiMiele Acacia Honey – Italian bought at Earth Energies – My personal absolute fave honey – totally delicate – totally amazing – like the nectar of the Gods – Or probably the Goddesses!

Episode #9 – Y.S. Organic Bee Farms Raw Honey with Phyto Foods – Papaya, Grapefruit, Mango & Passion Fruit again purchased at Earth Energies, Nashua, NH

Episode #10 – FiordiMiele Wild Flower – Italian Honey from the Abruzzo Region Award Winning!  Bought at Earth Energies, Nashua, NH

Episode #11 – Meadow Clover Honey from the Golden Angels Apiary PO Box 2 Rd. 752 Singers Glen, VA 22850 – brought to me as a gift from my husband

Episode #12 – Really Raw Honey Pesticide Free Totally Unheated and Untreated – bought at Earth Energies but I also found MASSIVE jars of this for sale at Earthward on 101A in Amherst NH and online