Let’s talk about being willing to take a risk – to try something new – to courageously choose to “jump off the edge” – to make a flying leap into the unknown.   You know – everything that has ever been created started out as a thought or an idea – initially in the mind of the Creator – and now through us as the Creators that we are.  We all have access to the Universal Mind Lattice and from this mind we receive thoughts, ideas, impressions, inspiration all the time!

Are you open to it?  Are you open to receiving and more importantly are you open and willing to acting upon what you receive.  Successful people are willing – always – to try something new.  To “Go where no man has gone before” is the heart and soul of our epic quest as humanity.   Can you step into your destiny?  Are you willing to leave the comforts and conveniences of the known to embark on an adventure that will leave you breathless and astounded by the beauty of your own becoming?  Will you risk it all for the passion and the vision that is embedded like a tiny seed/flame in the core of your heart? 

Was watching Happy Gilmore with my son last night.  What a great story about being willing to try something new – and about finding what is really meaningful to you – what really makes you happy.  It’s interesting too that in this story Happy spends most of his life living the dream of his father – it’s only when he’s willing to step outside of that dream and into unknown territory that he’s able to succeed doing something that he turned out to be gifted at doing.  I had a whole new appreciation for the game of golf and for Adam Sandler when I finished watching the movie. 

Another interesting thing I noticed was how during the unfolding of the movie – Happy (who was really quite ANGRY) ended up through the process of his journey becoming more and more refined and more able to come to peace within himself – focus, determination, a goal, willingness to make a fool of himself, willingness to learn, and the ability to tame his own inner demons were some of the many themes that played out in the movie.  In the end Happy was a Sweet Success. 

Movies are great ways to connect to the larger myths of our society and ourselves as humans.  Sometimes – even if you have done a huge amount of personal healing – you find that you are still repeating patterns that aren’t serving you and you feel bound and trapped playing out the same theme over and over.   If this is the case in your own life you may be caught in a mythic archetype at the soul level.   As part of my most recent and final training class with the Four Winds Society I learned and practiced the art of unbinding the soul from an archetypical pattern so that it can be free to move forward on it’s epic journey.  Shamanic Medicine Work is an incredibly powerful opportunity to move energy at the level of the soul – once moved – like a dominoe effect – transformation for the better shows up in all aspects of your life!   Now taking private appointments by phone or in person.

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