Breathe!  A great sigh of relief – It’s been a tumultuous and challenging journey through the 5th Night of the Galactic Underworld and we are moments away now from the 11:11 Gateway and the dawning of the 6th Day (according to the Mayan Calandar). 
We are currently in the Galactic Cycle of the calendar which will last 12.8 years (commenced in 1999 – each “year” actually being 360 days)  During each of the “days” of the Galactic Cycle (7 days and 6 nights for a total of 13) various energies are at play.  The period that we are entering into is one of Flowering and Renaissance. 

Time to bring your consciousness towards the light, to opening and expressing, and perfuming your world with the beauty that will emerge from your personal creative vortex.  We have just come through an enormous cleansing of our consciousness, of our mental and emotional bodies and of our physical bodies as we have jettisoned limiting patterns of behaviours and beliefs in exchange for new ideas, new life and new hope for the future of creation. 

Both during our waking hours and our dreaming time over the last few weeks we have been and are continually clearing, dismantling, deconstructing and releasing all of the energies of the old paradigm that is collapsing all around us.  It’s important now to let yourself express creatively and through the spoken word, all that wishes to come through you.  This is a wonderful way to release and to clear the energies.  Everything has been bubbling up to the surface of our collective consciousness to be healed, released and dis-integrated. 

The release of all these heavy, old, dense energies to be mulched by the Great Earth Mother is providing “fertilizer” for our budding new consciousness.  We are getting abundantly clear on what no longer works and are moving rapidly away from it and towards greater ethics, greater transparency, greater personal empowerment, greater creativity and a greater understanding and alignment with our place in the galactic matrix of reality. 

We are now ready as never before to step in and work with our guide teams, our ancestors, and our angelic partners to co-create and dream a new way for ourselves, and for our children’s children.  When you have a more concrete understanding of the process of re-incarnation you understand that what you do today and how you act in this life has more than just a karmic consequence – you realize that all your acts directly impact YOU – the  You that you are becoming tomorrow and the you that you are becoming 10,000 years from today.

Take a moment to connect with the energy that is present right here and right now.  Even if you are in the northern hemisphere stepping into the dark days of autumn and winter, the quality of the energy is that of early spring.  There is a quickening that is perceptible everywhere, an urge for change, an energy of newness that is beginning to be felt.  Know that the next full year from now until November of 2009 will be like one great big long springtime – a profusion of flowering, beauty, creativity and new life rising up from the ashes of whatever may still also be simultaneously de-constructing all around us.  Stay FOCUSED.  Focus on beauty, focus on light, focus on what you want instead, focus on clarity, focus on your own personal evolution, focus on what else must be released and release it, focus on spreading your wings, focus on success, focus on your own personal power to create anything from nothing more than an idea, a thought form and your own willingness and action to meet Spirit halfway.

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