Tonight we are all waiting to see who the next President will be of the United States of America.  Through the connections that we all have with the internet the world feels like a much smaller place.  It’s important to realize that just like a stone being cast into a still pond, what happens here does have a ripple effect throughout the world.

I want to take a moment to salute all the candidates for their courage to run, for their investment of time, energy and money, for their choice to be of service to their community and to the larger world.  Thank you for being willing and excited to serve as our collective representatives. 

In tonight’s video I talk about how important it is to have clear goals, to connect with our heart’s desire and to take action on what we are dreaming for ourselves.  Each step that we take is a reason to celebrate.

To celebrate the success of another is a beautiful thing – it’s even more beautiful to be able to witness the coming together of a long held dream that someone has, to be able to see something manifest right before your eyes that was once only a thought is magical indeed.  So tonight I think it’s appropriate to also celebrate the success of my husband Ross who a little over a year ago began the process of bringing into reality (manifesting) a dream that he had as a child of working with a giant crystal and sharing about energy. 

This weekend, he will be debuting his artistic and energetic creation – the Munay – Ki Crystal at the Angels and Trinkets Holiday Fair in Nashua, NH.  Here is a glimpse of this giant: 

Meditation with the Munay-Ki Crystal

Meditation with the Munay-Ki Crystal

PHOTO BY MARYANN MCFARLAND www.maryannmcfarlandphotography

To fully appreciate the magnitude of what he has accomplished as an artist and as an engineer the crystal must be seen in person but for those readers who are too far away to come to Nashua for the crystal’s debut appearance here are some facts: 

This double terminated crystal weighs close to 4000 pounds on its own.  It is set in a mobile sculpture that acts as a “setting” (and brings the total weight to about 5500 lbs) which allows the crystal to be moved, rotated and transported through an opening as narrow as 3 feet.  When erect in it’s setting the crystal’s height exceeds 7 feet.  It is 91 inches around.  The engineering of the crystal’s setting allows for a single person to move something that weighs as much as a small automobile.  It is illuminated from within with energy saving LED lighting and has a stage built all around it for easy public access.  The fabrication of the setting, the stage  and the mounting of the stone took over a year to complete.  The crystal is estimated to be 150 to 200 million years old.

And it all started as a dream.  So dream big, because if you can dream it you can do it.  Success is all about the journey.  Journey Joyfully!

Hope to see you on Sunday, November 9 at the Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH.  I’ll be doing Crystal Readings as well as selling my book Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the ArchAngels, my CD Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey, and will be performing a Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Experience Concert.  For more information and directions