Today I’m dressed up as a BEE for the Honey Party!! What better way to celebrate than to wear a costume honoring part of my medicine lineage.   My first shamanic teacher Catherine Amsden of Spiral Touch Healing in Kittery Maine has bee as her one of her personal totems so when it was time for me to receive my lineage stone for my mesa (medicine bundle) the one she gave me had a bee emblazoned on it. 

The bees are such wonderful creatures – they move effortlessly from flower to flower collecting the pollen and just being bees.  In the process though they provide an invaluable service to ALL OF NATURE – without the bees moving from plant to plant and flower to flower virtually all of our fruits and vegatables would disappear.  Not only do they pollinate the food supply but they also create the amazing elixir that I’ve been sharing with you in each of these Honey Parties!  The bees are being of service by being themselves and by sharing their gifts and working together towards the common good of the whole hive.  We could really take a lesson from them in the fine art of working together.

One way I like to contribute to the common good is by volunteering to serve for non-profit organizations.  This year I’m treasurer of the L’il Iguana Children’s Safety Foundation (funny I mention the treasurer thing twice in the video and once here in the blog – three times is the charm I guess!)  If you care about the safety of children this is one FABULOUS organization.  I have a personal desire to see that Lil Iguana’s work is supported and spread throughout the world.  Every message that comes through from these wonderful people is a gift to the children.  Please if you have a few extra pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters or even better LOTS O BUCKS and you are looking for a really great cause that will directly benefit children then this is the charitable foundation to consider tithing to this year!  Please make a donation to continue this great work.

This whole idea of giving is a very important concept in the realm of success – giving it all you’ve got, loving what you are doing so much that you’d give it away, giving of your time & energy to others who are in need, and never ever giving up!  Giving to yourself is also incredibly important – it’s vital to know when you need to have some support, some love, some nurturing, some respite and to give yourself a break.  As we approach the season of giving — start with some THANKS giving to you. 

You are the central star in the constellation of your life and you must appreciate the power and the wisdom and the energy that you bring to the table.  Take some time today to do something really wonderful for yourself.  Maybe it’s a simple as having a spoonful of honey to celebrate all the sweetness that is you!

Thinking about what you are going to be giving and receiving this holiday season?  Think about the gift of self -improvement – Starting November 11 join me for any one or all of four free calls that I’m giving called Everything is Changing and You Can 2!   These calls are to introduce you to a powerful new program that will be starting up at the beginning of next year.   Hope you decide to join me!  Enjoy your sweet success!