There is a whirlwind of frenzied foggy energy that is spinning all around us at the present moment.  This fog, which is very dense, thick and almost could be classified as “sticky” contains our collective shadow which is based entirely on fear thinking.  This ‘fear matrix” is what we have been working on diligently to ascend from.   What is not love is fear.  So how to manage as we are enveloped, surrounded in every direction by the fear matrix?

The first step is to look at it.  When we look with our seeing eyes and see with clarity and precision what is before us then we can make decisions from a focused and informed perspective.  One of the “word plays” that has been on-going in the last several weeks is that we are engaged in a period that is even worse than the Great Depression.  Now honestly – look with your very own eyes – NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  During the Great Depression 25% of the work force was unemployed.  People were living on a can of beans a day.  There was no fruit upon the land – the heartland had turned into a dust bowl.  People packed up all they had, left their homes and went in search of a new life (have you read the Grapes of Wrath?).  If this isn’t the fear matrix in full out action I don’t know what is. 

The point is that if you look around you now we live in a world that is so incredibly abundant, so incredibly filled and fruitful, so incredibly diverse and populated with creative genius that even if we are in the process of a balancing of the scales we are fully equipped to deal with anything that comes our way and we have the love and support of each other to navigate these changes.

These changes were predicted, they were forecast long ago and have continued to be prophesied right up into this present moment.  It’s TIME for these changes.  The collective consciousness is poised and ready to make a quantum leap. The work is to get really clear on what it is that is no longer working for us, honoring it for getting us to clarity and then letting go so that we can create anew what we want instead.

What feeds and fires up the fear matrix?  Pretty much every major media format is the conduit through which the collective frenzy of fear is formed.  When it reaches a certain level of density it takes on this foglike feeling.  Suggestion? Turn off the media and go out and experience for yourself what is true and what is not.  Look at your own life and determine the truth of your situation IN THIS MOMENT.  No Future Tripping allowed – no projecting – just looking and seeing for certain what you HAVE – right here – right now. 

Are you Healthy?  Are you Housed? Are you Clothed? Are you Educated? Are You Employed?  Are You Using Your Talents and Skills in a way that brings you joy and serves the community?  Are you surrounded by Friends?  Can you find AT LEAST ONE THING IN YOUR LIFE TO BE GRATEFUL FOR? 

Gratitude is the currency of the Universe and Currency (money) is Gratitude in Action.  Take action on your own behalf today and spend some time in gratitude.  It’s important to remember that everything that has happened in the past right up until this present moment had to happen in order for you to be where you are right now.  So it’s important to HONOR and GIVE GRATITUDE for everything – especially those experiences and energies that you’d LEAST like to recognize.  Every single energy is “up” right now.  Can you honor and give gratitude for and find the gifts in Rage, Greed, Lust, Jealousy, Envy, War, Betrayal, etc. – can you honor these HEAVY energies and emotions?  It’s been said that Mother Theresa went on her mission to India because she knew the Hitler in herself.  The darkest parts of the human experience are screaming now to be brought up into the light of day – out of the shadows. 

Many of you may be engaged in the clearing of the collective through either your own personal stories or through your physical bodies.  It’s  important to be informed and aware of where you might be “trapped” through your story in this collective cleanse.  Are you the “victim”?  Are you a “rescuer”?  Or perhaps – and this is where we don’t like to see ourselves – Are you the perpetrator?  All three points are necessary in order to fuel the TRIANGLE OF TRAUMA that holds us in the grip of the fear matrix.  Ascension is about Rising ABOVE, about stepping out of this triangle, about removing ourselves from the story and becoming the story teller!   When you are able to step out of and heal the part of you that is “caught up” in the story – whether it’s your personal story or the collective story (and often it’s both) you are able to free up incredible amounts of creative life force energy. 

Are you ready to let go of the story?  Are you ready to become the storyteller instead?  Are You a Messenger?  Is there a Book Inside of You?  What you think and believe is how your reality is created – are you ready to step into your role as a Creator God?  Are you ready to be FREE from the Fear Matrix?  Your FREEDOM Is in YOUR HANDS, HEART AND MIND.  Free Your Mind and Find Your Freedom!

Need a little help and illumination about where you might be stuck? Are you feeling blocked or trapped in an old story that doesn’t serve you any more?  Shamanic Medicine Work is a powerful method of shifting your perception and clearing your field at the energetic level so that you can step forward into your becoming.  Clarity Coaching is another great way to clear your mental & emotional bodies – freeing you from the thought forms that you have convinced yourself are your own and opening the way to exploring new ways of seeing and believing – now taking appointments by phone and in person.