It was quite an intense week for me last week – I finished my curriculum for the Healing the Light Body School which I completed in a little more than a year.  It was an incredibly transformative experience as not only did I receive extensive training and practice in this shamanic medicine work that has it’s origins in the Andean tradition of the Inka people of Peru but I also played the role of “client” a multitude of times for my fellow students.   

Last week my final work was to take the masters class Working with The Sacred.  During the week we were working with Archetypal energies which included a deep exploration of the sacred feminine, the sacred masculine and the collective consciousness.   The room fairly bubbled.  What I noticed was that as a group we were surfacing quite a bit for healing through our personal stories and our group’s collective stories.  Each day was rich in ceremony and ritual as well as in working with mythic mapping so that we could all “unhook” ourselves from these Archetypal energies and stories.  In “unhooking” we are able to then create what we want instead.

I was at one point cast in the role of “mother” during the Divine Masculine sacred drama and fairly quickly in the drama I was required to lie “dead” while my son grieved over my inert body and had to figure out how to go on with his journey.  This was incredibly powerful for me in many ways.  The “death” of “Mother” as an archetypal figure and my own personal “little death” in my role as the mother of a small boy who is now no longer a boy at all (having just turned 13 in September) was not lost on me. 

In any event – the work of the week also bubbled up to the surface quite a bit of old dense heavy energy that had to be transmuted by us through fire ceremony and despachos (gift bundles to the Mother Earth) and many in the room succombed to the “collective cough”.   It took two additional days for me before I finally “birthed” through a very intensely powerful and heavy prose poem the piece of work that needed to be honored which I felt had been  left unsaid by our group.  At the end of the whole process I felt as if my heart had been shattered and I was intensely grateful to myself that I had scheduled a Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Party with my two fellow bowlers Sarah Elizabeth Whitcomb and Bindy Johnson during which the final remants were cleared and put to rest and the healing initiated.

Thank God for the Crystal Singing Bowls!  At our Bowl Party we had 17 bowls to work with and it was a phenomenal experience.  Imagine having two highly attuned, incredibly skilled healers and all those bowls along with drums, bells, rattles, and toning voices for a session on the table.  Pure undisputed BLISS!

We enjoyed working together so much we are thinking about recording a group CD together.  If you think you might enjoy the healing benefits of the Crystal Singing Bowls please check out my CD Divine Union which is now available through Amazon and Itunes.  Alternatively if you’d like to bring home a bowl of your own or perhaps add it to your wish list for the holidays please contact me directly because I’m a distributor.  Bindy has purchased all 8 of her bowls through me!

Until the next episode enjoy all your sweet success and make sure to stock up on at least one jar of Manuka Honey for your medicine!!


Love and light,  Amethyst