In today’s episode I’m congratulating a woman that I met “virtually” back in early 2004 during the very first teleworkshop I attended which was called The Self Help Author’s Crash Course. The workshop was hosted by author and coach Suzanne Falter Barnes who wrote the NY Times Best Seller “How Much Joy Can You Stand”.  At the time I had just “channeled” my first big down load of written material – an inspirational card deck – and I signed up for the class to learn about the publishing world.  It was a DYNAMITE workshop and I took oodles of notes and have used a lot of Suzanne’s advice over the years in various ways as I have been “building my platform”.

One of the best pieces of advice that she gave in that workshop was to capture everything that comes through – at the time she talked about having notebooks everywhere she went and all over her house.  That little tidbit alone has served me very well.  The card deck is still sitting in that pile on the desk behind me – it hasn’t yet made it to print but like all my creative work I’ve discovered that the act of expressing what’s inside is what is most important. 

It’s not about whether I get on Oprah or make a million dollars (although I wouldn’t turn my nose up at either!), it’s about joyfully and without reservation expressing and creating what I’m inspired to create in each moment.   Sometimes that’s Jewelry, sometimes it’s Art, sometimes it’s Writing, sometimes it’s Music, sometimes it’s Audio Workshops, and ALWAYS it’s inspired by guidance from Spirit!

So today I really wanted to CELEBRATE and CONGRATULATE my fellow SHACC (Self Help Author’s Crash Course) classmate Nancy Marmolejo who I have followed as she has morphed through a beautiful transformation process going from having a simple coaching practice – Comadre Coaching – back in 2003 to this week being selected as one of the TOP 50 Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Networking. 

Nancy is gifted with a magical and beautiful combination of being a business, marketing and information age dynamo and at the same time a powerfully spiritual woman who has deep roots into her Aztec heritage and is not afraid to share her indigenous & spiritual experiences with the world. 

I have learned a WHOLE lot from this generous being who has an endless fountain of free or inexpensive information on her website and blog.  Every day Nancy has wonderful, creative, practical and useful ideas and she shares them easily and generously.  It’s no wonder she was selected for this honor.  Awards and recognition are great no doubt but I think Nancy does what she does for the sheer joy of it more than anything else too!  Congratulations Nancy and Thank you for your generosity, wisdom, good humor and great example of not only how to be successful in business but how to be successful in life!

I’m taking off for the next week to finish my training with the Four Winds Society, my last master’s class in order to be a certified graduate of the Healing the Light Body School.  Working with the Sacred.  It should be a great week.  At the end of the month October 31 – November 2 I’m teaching the Munay-Ki – The Nine Great Rites of Initiation of the Inka Tradition – here in Nashua, NH.  Please contact me by email if you’d like to register!

Look for another episode of Sharing Sweet Success when I return!