Sticky & Sweet – Do You think Madonna’s been having her own “Honey Party”?

In today’s edition of The Honey Party Madonna is playing in the background.  You’ve gotta love the tenacity, professionalism, creativity, chutzpah, strength, endurance and beauty of this woman.  What a trailblazer!  Madonna has epitomized the strong, powerful, expressive successful woman for several generations of women now.

Never one to hide her light she has re-defined the role that a woman can play in the world in so many ways.  Not shy about who she is, what she stands for, or how she expresses herself, this incredible gift to the world has also managed to produce some of the worlds most upbeat, spectacular and groovy dance music in addition to producing music that is socially relevant and a poignant commentary on our evolutionary times.  Get some Madonna playing in the background and you can’t help but feel the healing and uplifting energies that she emits!

Speaking of music and dance – I do want to share a little about the power of Music and Sound to heal and to bring balance and harmony within as well how it can weave a common thread that unites and concentrates the energy of a gathering of people.  Sound therapy is one of the most powerful tools that we can access to shift energy and create unity.  We can use music and sound to “soundscape” our environment.  What you choose to listen to can really determine what kind of a mood you are in and what energy you are aligning your electromagnetic field with.  Dissonant music and sound will actually create the environment for dis-ease either mentally, emotionally or physically (sometimes in all three areas). 

Dance and movement is another FANTASTIC way to shift our energy bodies.  Every morning I have a “yoga date” with Rodney Yee –  I spend 20 minutes or so on the floor doing AM Stretch.  I love my morning date with Rodney – he gets me into my body and helps me to be grounded throughout the day.  Speaking of Yoga – my friend the Faerie of Fun – Darlene Pina – has her own yoga business and does private sessions here in NH and in northern Mass.  If you have ever wondered about the benefits of yoga – check her out.  I think we might go dancing this weekend!! Maybe DJ Alkemi is hosting a MetroWest Boogie or something…. Shake that groove thang, get off your butt and move your body – you’ll lighten up automatically! 

Interested in Sound and Sound Healing?  Looking to “soundscape” your environment?  I’m offering phone and in person sound healing sessions (if you book a phone session you get a recording and save on fuel!) and my new CD Divine Union is available for sale on my site and it’s also available in downloadable format from  and ITunes.Com   (the cool thing about these two sites is you can download just one or two songs if you don’t want to buy the whole album – although in it’s entirety the album is pretty powerful!)