OK well learned something today, be extremely aware of what you are doing when working with honey at your desk!  Check this video out and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.


So I was driving along this weekend, and I passed a sign, that said ” if at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.” That’s what these little honey parties are all about redefining success!  Sometimes we make silly mistakes, when we’re in the process of trying something new.  Just like in this video, where you’ll notice I’ve made a very silly mistake.

It was very interesting, because this mistake gave me an opportunity.  I called Hewlett Packard and Staples to see what I could do about correcting this mistake.  I was hoping that my extended warranty would cover this problem. 

Now some people might have chosen not tell the full truth about what happened, but that’s just not who I am.  When you tell the truth and when you make mistakes sometimes there are natural consequences that must be experienced in order to learn something.  Too often in our culture, we are encouraged to look elsewhere for a rescue when we get ourselves into a “sticky” situation.

 Unfortunately, when we are rescued, we don’t really learn the lesson.  And we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.  Wouldn’t it be easier, if we all learned to take personal responsibility for our mistakes?  Wouldn’t it be wiser, if we stopped looking outside of ourselves for someone or something (like our Government) to rescue us?  Wouldn’t it be an act of courage to admit to our mistakes, to learn from them, to experience the consequences, to harvest the gifts, and to move into a state of empowered grace and acceptance of what is?

 So this little message about success and sweetness has a hidden lesson that we might all like to consider.  Why don’t you look over and review some of the mistakes that you’ve made in the past?  Why don’t you see if there was a rescue?  Why don’t you make some time to review what you could have done differently?  Why don’t you see if you need to make amends?  Why don’t you claim your power today?  Step in to self responsibility!  Learn from your mistakes!  Accept yourself and your power and you will always be a success!


If you enjoyed today’s message and you’d like some clarity around some of the mistakes you may have made in the past, or if you are ready to let go of old habits and patterns of behavior where you are always the victim perhaps it’s time to schedule a session.  I’ll be away from the 19th to the 26th of October and will be back in the office starting on the 27th.  Now booking appointments into November-Gift Certificates are also available for holiday gift giving.  Call or email today!  603-594-2744 or amethyst@amethystwyldfyre.com.