Whoa the energies are  FLYING right now – there has been a HUGE surge of an electromagnetic energy pulse wave that hit the planetary matrix about 48 hours ago and manifested as a creative shake up – what is going on in the outer world – that collective consciousness – is a heightened sense of fear, anxiety, paranoia, blaming, finger pointing, criticisms and instability. 

Meanwhile in the New Earth Matrix there is a massive surge of creative energy that is spawning a wide array of ideas, new projects, opportunities, connections, potentials and positive prospects for prosperity.  The cool thing about this surge is it really feels like the freeing up of all the dense, old, heavy, unproductive, entrenched energies can be swiftly turned and immediately utilized by those who have made the leap into New Paradigm thinking and vibration in order to manifest the matrix for what is yet to come.  The inner work is to stay in a state of clarity and balance.

The wave is really cresting with this upcoming full moon and the completion of Mercury Retrograde.  How you choose to stand – where you choose to focus your personal power and energy right now is crucial to how you will enter into the 11:11 portal which will inform and activate your destiny line into and through the 6th Day of the Mayan Calendar Cycle that we are presently engaged in.  What are your highest priorities?  How are you aligning with them?  What choices are you making in each moment to help you stay focused, grounded and present in your priorities? Who do you wish to travel with into this next cycle?  What energies do you feel complete with?  What would you like to cultivate? 

Starting November 12, 2008 and continuing through November 7th of 2009 we will be in the energies of “Flowering and Renaissance”.  Just as there is excitement and an urge to rebuild following a devastating storm – we have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to rebuild our own personal dreams for ourselves, our futures, and the future of the generations to come – our children’s children’s children – who we are becoming ourselves – 10,000 years from now.  Reach into the future that unfolds the highest destiny for yourself, all of your relations, the planetary matrix, the whole universe – and begin sourcing from that energy as the illusion of the old paradigm continues it’s crumbling all around us.  Use the energies that are being released now – turn them to the good, to the highest good for all concerned. 

Watch for the whiplash that will come if you are out of alignment with your own divine blueprint.  It’s super imperitive to stay as clear as possible right now.  Focus on small steps, take plenty of time to yourself, let go of, release anything that isn’t serving you now, rest, drink plenty of water, eat properly for your body – answer your body’s call for specific foods – I’m on a peanut craze lately (honey too in case you haven’t been paying attention to some of my other blog posts).  Another friend has been on a tear with Avocados. 

Let yourself RECEIVE – in the last two weeks alone I’ve experienced four phenomenal healing sessions – including one with Don Franscisco

Don Francisco de Flores (i think that's the spelling) & I in NY

Don Francisco de Flores (sp?) & I

the Shaman that I worked with last week from Peru – that have cleared some residual stuff that really needed to go.  HARVEST HARVEST HARVEST the gifts.  As you have old echos of woundedness come up for review and releasement notice that the intensity of the feelings is much less than it was when the particular wound first came into your awareness.  You may have thoughts about “why is this coming up again?  I thought I was done with this a long time ago. ” Particularly wounds around abandonment, security, scarcity, betrayal of trust, money, parenting, governmental abuse, issues around authority, sovereignty, self worth and respect seem to be getting re-activated – anything that is coming up that is an echo of an old – thought to be cleared wound- is arriving for you to make sure that you not only healed the wound but that you learned the lesson and most importantly HARVESTED the gift.

I was talking with another friend about this today who has just stepped into a new job that she was really excited about however she’s already had an experience that made her feel like she’d been kicked in the gut and also betrayed – I asked her when she last felt this way and what was the situation that was connected to that previous feeling and she couldn’t recall.  Then I knew that while the wound itself was probably healed there was a gift that she missed and she’s being called in this experience to go back and re-visit the original healed wound to HARVEST.  Perhaps the gift of the first betrayal was greater trust in her own instincts, or the courage to leave an unhealthy situation – it’s up to her to go on the hunt for that piece of treasure, to recognize it, acknowledge the gift, bring it into her heart and release the last remnants of energy from the original wounding experience and all the others that followed which were designed to get her to look at, heal and harvest from that first original wound.

We need to have ALL OF OUR GIFTS recovered.  They will come in quite handy as we enter into the time of great opportunity, the time of flowering, the time where we have the energetic support to begin the process of  manifesting the highest vision of our collective dream.    Keep breathing, keep being the light that you are.  Breathing in the Light.  The 6th day will be dawning in a little more than a month – enjoy this last full moon of the 5th night and bring to the fire (we have a fire ceremony on the full moon every month) all that no longer serves you.  Releasing that old energy to be transmuted into energy that you can store and use to create beauty, truth and goodness in your life and in the lives of all who are around you.

Peace and much joy on the journey,  Amethyst Wyldfyre

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