Well I’m at it again – working on this fun little Honey Party Project.  I’m really enjoying playing with this – it’s funny and sweet and in the moment and very joyful! 

Have you checked out the necklaces I’ve been wearing?  They are personal medicine pieces that I’ve created for myself.  In Episode 1 I have on my latest creation – the Golden Harvest necklace – a splendiforous display of multicolored amber beads highlighting three amazing natural maple leaves that have been dipped in metal – preserving the outline of the leaf for posterity!  Connecting me with the energies of the tree people for sure and reminding me of my first visit to KRIPALU center which is a magical place for transformation, personal growth and expanding your awareness.

I had my very first visit to Kripalu exactly 6 years ago this weekend – it was Columbus Day weekend and the trip to Lenox, Mass was a celebration and gift to myself for finally completing my divorce from my first husband.  I remember that weekend vividly – I had booked myself for R & R and one of the workshop presenters was Christine Warren – what a wonderful gift to the world this woman is!  Anyway during the workshop which was called Navigating Change I think, the issue that came to the surface for me was control.  A powerful issue to wrestle with – I remember having to come to terms with how having to control every thing was incredibly damaging to my life, my mental and emotional well being and was even showing up in my physical body as back pain.  I also learned that there were a lot of gifts that came with control.  It’s so important to look at both sides and not get polarized into thinking anything is either good or bad.  Finding the balance around control was what the point of the whole workshop was for me anyway.

When things are out of control (or seem that way) the inner work is all about finding the balance, getting to that sweet spot deep within  yourself where everything is stillness and you hear the voice of the Wise One within.  At the end of that weekend I went to the woods for a walk and was taken with the abundance that was revealed all around me.  Mother Nature is incredibly abundant and what I took away from that walk was that like the falling leaves that were all around me, above me and below me underfoot, that the Universe is filled to overflowing with creative ideas and inspiration and that it’s OK to let some or even MOST of them go.  I don’t have to manifest every single idea that I come up with and I certainly don’t have to beat myself up or hold myself to such a high level of expectation and perfection when I don’t manifest every little creation that comes to mind.  In fact in the letting go of a lot of great ideas – like the falling leaves I make a nice, nourishing, nuturing mulch pile that feeds the TREE of ME and out of which the brilliance of perhaps only one great idea will manifest!  It’s all good.

So if you are enjoying these videos please let me know – I’m having a LOT of fun making them!  I’m also fully stocked with a massive array of NEW BEADS that I picked up when I was on my Western Mass & Upstate NY journey last week including BROWN LAVA which is incredibly yummy.  Think I’m going to make like a bee and go down to my studio and wallow in the beauty of the beads and see what I am guided to create.  Maybe you’d like to have a customized, personal medicine piece to support you wherever you are on your journey presently.   Spirit Essence Necklaces or Amulets are great for this work – the stones are very present for us now and assisting many in making their transformational journey. 

Vibrant Colors - Breathtaking Hm?

Vibrant Colors - Breathtaking Hm?

By the way – I mentioned that I sent out my Autumn Events Calendar so if you are in the New England area or maybe thinking about a visit to see all these beautiful leaves falling and changing color maybe you’d like to come by and see me at one of these:

Autumn Events Reminder!
Hope you are enjoying this bountiful harvest season!! If you are in the New England Area for leaf peeping be sure to visit me at one of these events!

* October 14 – Circles Of Wisdom 90 Main Street Andover MA Celestial Voices Book Signing *FREE EVENT* followed by An Evening of Channelled Messages from the Archangels with Amethyst Wyldfyre $35 – Get more info or register at www.circlesofwisdom.com or call 978-474-8010 Festivities start at 6 PM!

 * October 16 – Open Doors 395 Washington Street, Braintree, MA Intro to Angels and Angel Card Reading $59 starts at 7 PM. Contact www.opendoors7.com or 781-845-8224 to register or for more info!

  * October 31 – November 2 Munay-Ki – Receive and Learn to Transmit the 9 Great Rites of Initiation of the Inka Tradition 3 Day workshop – contact me by return email to get more info or to register!

 * November 9 – Angels & Trinkets Holiday Fair Holiday Inn Northeastern Blvd. Nashua www.aohh.org for more info – I’ll be doing readings!

 * November 16 – Seacoast Better Living Expo Frank Jones Center Portsmouth NH – http://www.seacoastbetterlivingexpo.com for more info – I’ll be doing readings!

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Enjoy the Crisp Autumn Air, the smells and sounds of the falling leaves, the beauty and the bounty of the Harvest – Love and light,  Amethyst
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