So this morning I tried again with the video experiment and this time I did a Quick Capture through You Tube – seems to have straightened out the lips synchronizing with the words!!

My desire today was to clean my office space and the day just didn’t turn out quite like I originally planned – I did get some of the clean up done – my “main” desk – the one with the computer on it is clear “HOORAY – SUCCESS!” but the desk behind me is still kind of a mess.  I did enjoy my morning Honey Party – check out the video and let me know what you think – the honey came from my friend YO MISH who is such a doll – she’s a Leo and she sent me this message this morning:



I just had to share this….my horoscope


Leo: (July 23-Aug. 22): Life is expanding so fast you can’t worry about how you’re going to keep up. Relax and surrender to whatever you’re being called to do. The contacts you’ve formed lately have a much bigger role to play than you ever imagined. In a month you’ll know how deep all of this will go. Between now and then make sure your priorities are clear and realize that your purpose here goes way beyond whatever you’ve allowed your self to be up till now. You’re stepping out of the old mold. Don’t be afraid to be powerful.


Holy cow! 


Thank you GOD!


Love you.  Looking forward to seeing you for an extended work/visit.


Hope life continues to shower you with blessings and God winks!





Wow what a yummy horoscope to get hm?  I really felt like it spoke to me too – does it speak to you???

Keep thinking positive!  When things start to fall apart maybe it’s just the yucky stuff getting out of the way so you can see the GOLD!! Celebrate your sweet successes right now – did you complete something – anything- today??  Did you get out of bed?? Well you completed getting up in the morning!! Hooray YOU ARE A SUCCESS!!

If you feel like you’d like a little extra boost to help you move through old patterns of behavior, old ways of thinking or old emotional traumas then perhaps you’d like to schedule a session.  Clarity Coaching, Sound Healing, Shamanic Medicine Work or some combination of all three might be just in order for you.  Tell you what – book a session for your self within the next 30 days and I’ll give you an extra 1/2 hour for free!!! 

I had a  Thai Yoga Massage session myself today from my young friend Ian Hyman – whoa let me tell you HIGH MAN is what this gentle being is for sure – at 19 Ian has more presence than 99% of the peeps on the planet.  He’s an Ascended Master who has descended to this plane to work wonders in the world I’m QUITE sure!! The work was sublime – LET YOURSELF RECEIVE!!  Check out Ian at his Facebook Page .  Letting yourself receive is probably the most effective way of de-stressing and coming back home to the truth of who you are – detach from the collective frenzy of the outside world and take an inner journey to your true nature.  It will be well WORTH it when you demonstrate your self worth to the Universe!!

Enjoy the journey….