This is my first attempt at Vlogging – Video Blogging – It’s very funny!  I’m experimenting with my new computer and the webcam is kind of blurry.  When I uploaded the video to YouTube I end up talking on the screen ahead of the words that are coming out of the speakers so it’s really kind of bizzare to watch.  Funny and strange but fun!  I’m going to keep trying and I’m sure I’ll figure it all out technologically exactly on time – Maybe this is just another great example of what happens when Mercury goes retro!  Have fun and let me know if you are interested in parties!! 

I’m playing with the idea of celebrations and parties because when things are tense and stressful celebration and parties are a great way to “Lighten” things up a bit!! The Faeries love parties and I’m working with my friend the Faerie of Fun Darlene Pina doing reading parties in the New England area – I do CRYSTAL READINGS  or channeled Angel Readings and she reads Tarot cards.  All of our readings are deeply spiritual and healing experiences but they are FUN too!! 

We are now booking parties for the late fall and into the holiday season – I’m also toying with the idea of bringing “The Honey Party” to life.  I see it as a wonderful gathering where people come together to share the sweetness of life – successes, new babies, weddings, new homes – all the wonderful and sweet things in life need to be celebrated and appreciated.  I immediately called a good friend of mine in the food business and shared the Honey Party idea with her and we ended up really starting to create some great ideas about gift baskets and corporate gifts using honey and other sweet things to Share in the Sweetness.  I even bought a few domain names – who knows where this will all lead – I’m following the guidance and the idea of celebrating sweetness with honey is just too delicious to let go by!!

Anyway- if you enjoyed this video please let me know and if you have any suggestions for more clarity in the picture – or for fixing the lips talking lining up with the sound I’m open for any assistance!

Spread the sweetness around too – feel free to pass along this blog post or the link to the video – we can use all the sweetness we can get!!

Love and much light,  Amethyst


PS:  You know the best part about all this is I’m letting go of the whole thing having to be “just right” or “perfect” Woo Hoo!  Hooray for it being just great exactly as it is……..What a relief!

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