Getting ready to leave town tomorrow morning for a week long journey to upstate NY for work with Don Francisco a Shaman from Peru.  It should be an illuminating week and I’m looking forward to the time for inner work, reflection, rest and reconnection with members of my “medicine” family. 

Our work – our deepest mission now – is our own internal healing.  Even though I have traveled the healing path for quite a while now and have had some incredibly intense sessions I find there are still moments where I’m touched by Grace and more comes for releasing, healing, reconciliation and integration.  Today I was gifted with the presence of Bindy Johnson – a LUMINOUS being if I ever saw one!!! We had a date to play our crystal singing bowls together and we traded healing work with each other.

Beauteous Bindy

Beauteous Bindy

I’m still vibrating from the power and the intensity of the work that we shared.  The work for me today was about judgement and releasing judgement of self and others on every level, opening the doors for compassion, love and light to enter into my heart and allowing myself to receive.  The work was truly transformative and started with a simple washcloth.  (More on that later….) 

Right now I’m feeling very blessed and grateful to have the gift of life in this moment and to be able to be of service.  I wanted to post this short note to let you faithful readers know I’ll be back soon so look for my return early next week!!

If you have an interest in the energy and medicine of the Peruvian Tradition – I have a class coming up at the end of October – 10/31-11/2 – the Munay-Ki – Receive, learn to teach & transmit the 9 Great Rites of the Munay-Ki – Be as Thou Art.  Contact me directly by email if you are interested in the logistics, pricing or to register at

Enjoy the week!