The news this week has been less then stellar around the economic and financial status that has been created in our reality.  So here we are at a choice point, once again we have the capacity to decide, to choose, to use our free will, to exercise our options.  What will we choose??  Where will we focus our attention?  How will we utilize our personal power and energy?  Always we have the capacity.  Remember to both claim & manage your power! 

Do you wish to add your energy to the collective fear matrix?  Do you wish to Feed the Ferocious Fear Factor?  Worry, anxiety, stress, panic, all are feeders of the Fear Matrix.  The Fear Matrix lives, breathes and EATS YOU UP when you choose to dwell in the energies described, when you choose to allow your thoughts and emotions to be “caught up”.  Remember this FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.  So how to disengage, to detach from fear?

First remember your power.  Remember that you are a creative being, that you are made in the likeness of the creative intelligence that manifested the entire visible and invisible universe.  Step forward into personal responsibility to look at and see the real truth.  The cycle of life has it’s ebbs and its flows.  Always the universe is in the process of de-construction and re-creation.  Where do you choose to stand?  Can you release -easily and gracefully ALL that no longer serves you – even systems that you may have thought were “permanent and secure”?  Can you find freedom and step into the unknown, the new, the unmanifest and apply your creative vision, your energy and your power in the process of making a new way?  Can you believe in yourself, your own worthiness and the magnificence and benevolence of the Universal Intelligence that flows through you to know without a doubt that ALL IS WELL – even in the face of seeming catastrophe? 

Finding Freedom in remembering that you have the choice!  Finding Freedom in remembering that you are intelligence made manifest!  Finding Freedom in the appreciation of the life, the breath that comes easily and swiftly into and out of your body in each and every moment.  Life breathing you and you breathing life.  Finding freedom in the power to choose the thoughts that you will feed with your energy!  Finding freedom in moving through the enotions that rise and fall like waves upon the ocean – refusing to “get stuck” and “feed” those emotions that would disturb your equilibrium!  Finding freedom by taking back your power and taking your health, your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health BACK INTO YOUR OWN HANDS AND HEART! Finding freedom in the sweet knowing that we are all connected and that we are always and forever supported and surrounded by loving beings of light, angelic beings, ascended masters who are with us in each moment, ready and waiting to assist us in moving into the next most beautiful stage of our evolution and growth! 

Feed the Fear? or FIND THE FREEDOM!!

Declare YOUR INDEPENDANCE TODAY from the Fear Matrix and come into the Freedom of standing in your own power, creating your reality and visioning a future that has LEARNED from the mistakes of our ancestors rather than having to re-live their stories in order to get the lesson. 

Breathe in the Light and  know that you are eternal, everlasting, infinite and beautiful beyond measure and that you’ve GOT THE POWER!!

Declaration of Independance Photo from Public

Declaration of Independance Photo from Public

Guidance and assistance is ever present to assist you if you feel stuck and unable to move into your personal freedom.  If the FEAR MATRIX is feeling overwhelming to you and you would like to re-connect with and re-store your light the gift of self-nuturance is one that will always pay tremendous dividends.  Me time is super important when the outside world is caught up in high stress mode.  Take time today to sit, to rest, to meditate and perhaps to book a session with a healing arts practitioner who can create a sacred space of love and light within which your own natural healing capacities can be activated.  Now booking appointments into October – please visit my site for more information about Sessions which can be done over the phone – saving on fuel and stress on our environment.