Original Vibrational Power Painting of AA Raziel by Amethyst Wyldfyre

Original Vibrational Power Painting of AA Raziel by Amethyst Wyldfyre


Archangel Raziel as channeled through Amethyst Wyldfyre 6/20/07









©2007 Amethyst Wyldfyre Reprinted from Celestial Voices – An Invitation To Ascension from the ArchAngels


I AM the Archangel Raziel.  I AM present with you today to discuss the meaning and value of the R E, Re – to go over again, and so let us begin.  At the present moment the planetary body known to your plane as Mercury is in it’s retrograde phase.  This time energetically is very useful to those upon your planet who are conscious and aware, for it is a time to Re–peat the lessons and the learning of the last cycle. 


Each cycle of three month’s time has within it a wave.  This wave starts slowly, builds, crests, and falls away.  Three times during each of your Earth years the opportunity arises in the energetic field of your planet to re-experience the energies of the cycle just passed.  Take this time to fully integrate and to fully digest the lessons and the learning and the growth.  Just as when a child is poised to make a developmental leap or growth spurt and that child appears to regress.  Know this is a time for building the energies to make a quantum leap forward in growth.


Re-lax and Re-member, Re-New your vows to your self.  Re-arrange your priorities.  Re-evaluate your goals and desires.   Re-plenish your stores of energy.  Rest.  Re-create the intentions that were set for and by your highest self at the onset of the cycle and Re-play the circumstances in you mind and emotional body to ensure that you have thoroughly integrated the work that you have been engaging in.  Re-institute boundaries. Re-alize blessings and Re-ady yourself at all levels for the next highest manifestation of your life’s purpose and journey.


I AM present to guide and work with you through these periods and will assist you and strengthen your ability to receive the guidance, lessons, and growth of the previous cycle in a detached, healthy and harmonious way.  Shedding light on what is happening for you so that you can see clearly that these are mere echoes of patterns replaying themselves and dissipating into the void.


You are fully at choice during this period to Re-engage, should you wish to, in the patterns that played out in the last cycle or in leaping forward to new levels of experience.  Neither choice is better than the other, and your highest self will always guide you and attract to you situations, relationships, and circumstances that will offer you the highest learning and growth possibilities. 


Re-lax and know that all the hosts of heaven are fully supporting your evolution and growth at the pace that is best for you.  Know that every experience is good and true and perfect for you and know too that your learning can only take place in Re-lationship.  Re-lationship is the ground upon which all growth occurs, for only in examining who you are in Re-lationship to others are you able to articulate for yourself your choices about who you wish to be and how you wish to be perceived.  How you wish to be perceived or your Re-putation in the world is entirely up to you.


Each action and choice is a building block creating this holographic projection of your sacred self upon this plane.  Use this time wisely to Re-flect upon your choices, your actions, your behaviors, your thoughts, your words and your desires.  Set your intentions clearly for that which you wish to experience in the next cycle and give thanks for the blessings and gifts of the past.


Be Re-minded that all Re-lationships influence each member.  This includes your Re-lationship with your family, friends, pets, business associates, neighbors, organizations, communities, animals, trees, stones, insects, the waters, the fire, the air, the elementals, the Mother Earth, Father sun, the planetary bodies and the stars.  Each level is interconnected and influences  are felt throughout the fiber of creation with each and every choice you make. 


Who do you wish to be today?  I can help as can all of my brothers and sisters in the Celestial Realms.  Just as we affirm you in your choices, you also affirm us in our choices for we too are in relationship with you and for this we are truly grateful.  It is only through you that we are given life, form, a voice.  Only through you that we can act to Re-store Heaven On Mother Earth.  Rest now children and prepare for the next evolutionary pulse of pure light to quicken you further and foster your growth and transformation.  I AM the Archangel Raziel and I Love You.                                                               


Celestial Voices - An Invitation to Ascension by Amethyst Wyldfyre

Celestial Voices - An Invitation to Ascension by Amethyst Wyldfyre




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Today is the start of a Mercury Retrograde period which will come to a close on the 16th of October.  As promised in an earlier post this information is for you to enjoy and put to use in your own life as you navigate the next few weeks.  May you RE-trieve all the treasures that are available to you during this phase of your journey!