Light Emanating (original photo by Amethyst Wyldfyre)

Light Emanating (original photo by Amethyst Wyldfyre)

As has been predicted and forseen by many the collapse of old institutions, old paradigms and old ways of navigating the world is in progress.  There are many who are feeding the energy of fear, panic, anxiety, and suffering.  There are many who would do whatever they can to hold on to what was and is now passing. 

Let GO I say to you.  Let GO of the old, Let GO of the Fear, Let GO of the worry, Let GO of the tension, Let GO of the trauma, Let GO of the drama.  The work for the beacons now is to BE WHO YOU ARE!!! BEACONS BE BEACONS!!

Breathing in Light, take a moment right now to BREATHE.  Feel yourself filling with the Luminescent White Light that is here for you now.  Fill your lungs, allow the light to travel to every cell, molecule, particle, and element of your physical being.  Stand aside and be a witness as the light fills every crevice, every nook, every iota of your being.  Just Breathing, breathing, breathing in the light.  As more and more light enters your field, open your heart and begin the process of emanation. 

You are here  – if you are connecting with this message – to BE THE LIGHT.  When we are BEING THE LIGHT – we are Illuminators of the Darkness.  As the darkness is illuminated we often find that which has been hidden in the shadows and is now exposed for what it really is.  Always this exposure gives us the opportunity to heal our selves and to integrate the learning that is being presented to us.  The light quotient has been raised to a tremendously high frequency with the global awakening of the masses of messengers and beacons who have “turned on their light”.  

Sufficient light has now been generated to expose the faulty foundations and the illusory belief systems that are de-constructing right before our eyes.  Step firmly on the MOTHER EARTH and know the LARGER PLAN.  Continue to emanate your LIGHT.  Breathe Light, Breathe Light, Breathe LIGHT.  You will be looked to as a guide, as a beacon, as a touchpoint for others who are struggling with their own fears, anxieties, worries and the collective energy of disruption that is swirling through the global matrix.  Stand FIRM.  Hold your Ground.  SHINE.

Walk with me now into the FOREST OF FEAR – holding up the LIGHT, illuminating the darkness, BEING A WAY SHOWER, A NAVIGATIONAL GUIDE.  As you step into the forest – notice FATHER SUN beaming through the tree tops and feel the warmth and love radiating through the branches and leaves, activating your crown.  Notice how the SUN doesn’t CARE if there are creatures in the forest of fear who can not tolerate the living light and hide under rocks and rotted old logs.  The SUN JUST KEEPS RIGHT ON SHINING!!  SO SHINE on Brothers and Sisters in Light.  Keep Breathing in Light.  Stay DISENGAGED from the TRIANGLE OF TRAUMA, avoid playing the victim, the perpetrator or the rescuer.   JUST BE THE LIGHT!!! 

Continue to Breathe.  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.  Be still and know that the LIGHT that you are is your greatest gift to this world and the next.


If you require assistance in moving through old dying energies and shifting into the new paradigm of living the light – I am available for Clarity Coaching, Shamanic Medicine Work or Sound Healing to catalyze your transformation process and activate your light codes – be sure to listen to the free attunements from the Archangels on my site and if you feel it may serve to connect with my channeled book Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension which contains 45 channeled messages from the Archangels to assist in navigating this time in the ascension process.  Alternatively – if you are one who responds best to the auditory channel – connect with my new CD Divine Union – available in CD format or as a downloadable MP3.  Finally if you feel you’d like to create a deeper connection to the crystal kingdom for support through this transition time perhaps a Spirit Essence Necklace or Amulet would serve you best now.