Soon To Be Released New Messenger Mini-Book

Soon To Be Released New Messenger Mini-Book


Hi I am very excited because I’m in the process of writing my first Messenger Mini-Book with the Messenger Network – along with 263 other authors from around the world. Its a great 60 day experiment that is just about complete and we’re all designing our book covers and getting our layouts finished and ready for eco-friendly printing. The coolest part of the program- aside from the fact that there is this huge global support system – is that our books will be tied to the latest technologies and our readers will be able to have a unique personalized online journal that will allow them to connect with our messages in a much deeper way. I’m also a Messenger Network consultant and excited to share that this opportunity will be available again late this fall. For more info about the fall program click HERE, to check out the authors and books currently in progress click HERE .  The other fun thing that I’ve been invited to do is to be a “teletalk” radio host for author interviews. Be sure if you visit the site to check out some of these interviews. I think you’ll be amazed by the quality of the authors and of the messages that they are all transmitting and transcribing. Everything from forgiveness to financial freedom, from spiritual journeys to seeing angels is covered in the topics that are being brought forth by the authors in the program.

If you have ever thought that someday you too might be interested in writing a book or if you’ve already written one and it’s sitting in a closet or drawer somewhere waiting for the right time – perhaps you have found this post EXACTLY on TIME and its TIME for you to step into your role as a messenger to the world. Think about it, pray on it, ask for guidance, and if you are led to join in this magical process then let’s connect this fall and Write ON! Again for more info about the program which will commence again this fall in November click HERE


Dates and times of calls:
Monday September 22nd – 6pm PST / 9pm EST
Monday September 29nd – 9am PST / 12pm EST
Wednesday October 8th – 6pm PST / 9pm EST
Wednesday October 15th – 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Phone Number for all calls: (712) 432-1600
Access Code: 588994#

If you decide that the time is right for you and you are ready to sign up for the program after listening to one of these calls please be sure to use MY LINK to register so that I will get credited for you joining the program.  I hope you’ll come along for the fun and the creative joy that can be yours by stepping into bringing your unique and personal message out into the world!!  There will be a lot of extra bonus calls too and if you are one of the people who signs up under MY LINK – you will be entitled to a free 15 minute laser session of Clarity Coaching at some point during the 90 day program!