Another GREAT meditation came through on a client call – I’m very grateful to this client for her permission to use this and the Heart Chakra meditation here on my blog.  Both were so powerful and I believe will be of great benefit to many.  This one is a beautiful activation of the union of the sacred masculine and divine feminine in each chakra – Listen here:

Divine Union 7 Chakra Meditation

Make sure you take some time after listening to allow the energetic shift to integrate for you.  This meditation is a very powerful activator.  It might serve to follow it up with a listen to some of my music from Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey  (Click to listen to the title track).  The CD is now avaiable in a downloadable format at and at

Sound Healing is an incredibly powerful tool to assist us on our evolutionary journey – It’s easy and fun to receive and facilitates shifts at the deepest level of your being.  A sound healing session can be easily performed over the phone which allows you to integrate in your own space.  All sessions are recorded too so you can play them back at your leisure.  Find out more about sound healing or book a session on my site at

I’m planning on adding a whole lot more sound files on my website which will include both guided meditations/visualizations and music based sounds.  Look soon for downloadable files of chants for each chakra which will be reasonably priced for download onto your computer or IPod.

I always welcome testimony from clients or from anyone who has been impacted by my work.  Here is a new comment about Divine Union from one of my colleagues (and friend) who is a massage therapist:

I have so ENJOYED working with the sounds and vibrations during bodywork sessions this past month or two. Wow!!!  The sound often guides the body to respond, open, shift or vibrate in a new way. ” – Peace, Sarah-Elizabeth 

For a GREAT Massage or Cranio Sacral Therapy session Sarah-Elizabeth is the one I recommend here in NH – With office locations in both Concord and Wilton she is easily accessible for services to most of the state.  Tell her I sent you!