With all the activity from the last 6 weeks or so it’s time to move into a stabilization place energetically.  We have been surfacing, clearing, atoning and deconstructing very vigorously in every area of our being.  This is a LOT of work and consumes a huge amount of personal power and energy, especially when we are also navigating the physical 3D everyday world of bills and mortgage payments and work and family committments.  The storm surge is starting to subside and the majority of the clean up work is coming to completion so this is a perfect time to begin to integrate the work.

Right on time we are heading into a Mercury Retrograde period.  The Mercury Retrograde lasts from September 24 to about October 16 (please note that I am not an astrologer – my information is from an energetic perspective – if you are interested in a good astrology reading I personally have enjoyed working with Andrea Klim of Turn To The Stars).  This is a GREAT time to recover from the energetic thrashing we have all just navigated (for our highest good of course! – please note that it’s only a thrashing when we really get stuck in holding on to those old patterns, beliefs, thoughtforms and ways of being that no longer serve us – for some – those of us who are able to surrender easily – the thrashing was more like a gentle cleanse – for others – well if you are one who holds on by your fingernails to keeping things as they are and its time for change to sweep through then you might be feeling pretty beat up at the moment!). 

Mercury Retrograde is a period that occurs about 3 times a year and its when the planet Mercury “appears” to be traveling backwards in our sky.  Energetically during a retrograde period we have the opportunity to “re-live” the themes and lessons of the last 3 1/2 – 4 months since the last retrograde ended.   This opportunity is presented to us so that we can really “squeeze the last bits of juice” out of the lessons and experiences, so we can choose to learn the lesson or re-visit it again in the next period of learning and growth that is before us.  Don’t be surprised if you find that themes re-occur from experiences that you thought you completed.  Just look at the whole dynamic once again and make sure that you have harvested everything.

This particular Retrograde is really strongly about harvesting energetically – we have been in the 5th night since last November and will be coming into the 6th day in the Mayan calendar starting this November so this retrograde is our last opportunity to really re-capitulate our lessons and to recharge and restore our energetic fields.  The best possible thing to do during this time is to rest.  Really truly deeply rest.  Re-store – store again.  Storing up energy and power to fuel you through the next great surge of learning and growth.  This is about coming into balance.  Rest is an integral part of balancing.  Knowing when to act and when to be still is what makes Jaguar the Queen of the Jungle.  Call upon Jaguar to assist you in knowing.  More on the retrograde in a subsequent post…. For now just relax and allow the work that you have been engaged in to integrate. 

Interested in working with Jaguar Medicine a little bit more?  Perhaps you have some energies that you have noticed in your field that are “not yours”?  Jaguar can help you to face your fears and walk through them.  Jaguar medicine is used to stalk and track energy.  When you have dense heavy energy in your field that is crystalized Jaguar helps to track it, extract it and mulch it into light.  More information about Inka Medicine work including extraction can be found at my website.