As we step into the new higher vibrating energies that arrived with the recent energy storms we have been amping up to more fully embody the higher aspects of our sacred selves.  As we step more and more into the light a few things start to pop up. 

First with all this extra light we are really able to peer into our shadow side and to see what’s “up” for review, healing and integration (see my personal blogs from yesterday and today for more on the shadow work that I’ve been navigating).  This is a really great time to use the extra boost of energy to do a thorough “fall cleaning” of the soul.  Look for lost soul parts, notice whether there are blocks coming up that may be connected with past lives,  see if you can discern any particularly unusual patterns that keep re-occuring even if you’ve already done a lot of work on them – could be karmic stuff that still wants to be cleared or old soul contracts that are surfacing to be re-written.  Really get down into those nooks and crannies.  The energy is supporting this transformational and freeing work right now.

The other thing that I’ve noticed is that there is a sudden rising up of what I call Dream Drainers.  So now is a particularly good time to practice, practice, practice setting really clear and enforceable boundaries and using that wonderful 2 letter magic word “NO” (which as my colleague & Aztec Medicine Sister Nancy Marmolejo said in a recent blog post)  is a complete sentence.  (scroll down to rule #4 and also check out my comment on this post.)   It’s interesting because just as we begin to feel like we are getting ourselves ready to move forward in a big way, just as the universe sends us an energy storm to give us that extra boost, all of a sudden the Dream Drainers arrive to distract us and to gobble up that yummy new energy.  Of course the truth is that Dream Drainers can only do that if we collude with them.  So how do we discern between a Drainer and a Maker? 

Here are some helpful hints:

A dream maker supports you enthusiastically.

A dream drainer looks like they are supporting you but in reality they are just taking up your time and distracting you.

A dream maker provides you with good connections, recommendations and referrals and looks for ways to be helpful to you without being pushy.

A dream drainer pushes their help on you, coming to your “rescue” and making it energetically all about what they are doing for you.

A dream maker lets you stew in your own juices when you are up against something you really need to work through for yourself, holding space and light for you to show up for yourself and exercise your strengths and shore up your weaknesses.

A dream drainer points out that your strengths aren’t all that special and that your weaknesses are glaring.

A dream maker fights beside you.

A dream drainer fights with you.

A dream maker celebrates your victories.

A dream drainer victimizes your celebrations.

A dream maker says “me too”!

A dream drainer says “what about me?”

I think you get my point.  Sometimes these dream drainers show up in really funny or strange ways – like a call I was on tonight – a woman who is really working hard at birthing her first book and was torn about participating in another self improvement workshop (The Habit of Attraction with Robert Evans).  She was torn because she really was feeling this huge obligation to enroll her cousin as a sign up partner for the workshop because she felt her cousin really needed it more than she herself did.  While I was talking to her it was really clear that the cousin was probably not going to be interested at all in participating and that it would have been a waste of this person’s time and money.  Unfortunately she had spent a lot of her personal energy that could have been channeled into working more on her book, agonizing over how she could help her cousin get out of the hole she is in. 

My work with her tonight was to gently suggest that perhaps her cousin is in the state that she’s in for some very good reason, that she is being held by the hands of Spirit and that she will come to the work herself if that is her destiny exactly on time.  My final piece of work was to help her to let go of the “rescuer” energy that she was carrying at her heart chakra.  The really interesting thing that I noted during our conversation is that this cousin is someone who she hasn’t even seen or been in contact with for a very very long time – they knew each other when she was a child and the cousin is now 74 years old and suddenly on the scene calling for help.  A perfect way to activate that “rescuer” mentality and to drain all the energy out of this woman just when she’s ready to rocket onto the National scene with her Messenger Mini Book.

Be on the lookout for those dream drainers – set clear boundaries and use the magic 2 letter sentence NO.

Be on the lookout too for those dream makers – send love, light and gratitude and do what you can to be a dream maker for them too.  It’s all about the balance, knowing when to act and when to be still.  And about being in a space of clarity too.  Clarity Is Divinity!

If you are interested in a little clarity yourself, if you’ve been caught up in a dream drain, or if you have discovered that you have some shadow work to do and would like a little extra assistance – please visit my website and check out the variety of services that I have to offer.  You’ll be happy you did – and you’ll be helping me to make my dreams come true too!