This week I had a request for a session from one of my clients who is having some difficulty in staying in her body due to numerous present life traumas that she can identify.  When I tracked to see what was up for her it became clear to me that a piece of soul retrieval work would serve her best.  When I wrote to her about it she responded right away with validation – the night before she had “received” a book in an order that she had made – the book wasn’t ordered but it came anyway as a “bonus” – the title?  Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval by Alberto Villaldo of the Four Winds Society !! If that isn’t a hint from the Universe I don’t know what is!! 

Anyway after going back and forth with emails she was really hesitant to go into this work and needed a little more info – this is the letter that I sent back to her – perhaps it will illuminate an answer to your questions about soul retrieval too…..


“Dearest Sister in Light,

This is sacred work that will assist you to move forward on your personal epic journey.  You will know exactly on time when the time is right for you to bring home the missing pieces of your sacred self.  I am happy to do the work with you and “spread out” the payments as long as you wish. 

The most powerful piece of this work is that we do not linger in the Chamber of Wounds.  That place is just for information gathering so that there is an understanding of why the patterns continue to show up in our lives, or why we prefer to be out of the body.  Of course you fell asleep while reading about the Chamber of Wounds in the book – why would you want to revisit the wounding over and over again – in fact during the work often the shaman doesn’t even share this information directly – the point is not to tear open the scab and start the bleeding again, the point is to heal it – which means at first it has to be looked at to see what needs to be healed.

The Chamber of Contracts is where we reclaim our power and re-write the contract that was written during the wounding – freeing our souls from no-win, lifeless situations.  Often the shaman meets death in this chamber and negotiates on behalf of the client.  Not this one, not now. 

In the Chamber of Grace the piece (or pieces) that are ready to come back to you are waiting.  They come bearing a multitude of gifts and more importantly a quanta of energy to help jump start the integration process and move you back on to your path of destiny.   The Chamber of Gifts brings more beauty and tools to assist in the integration process and often on the way out of the lower world a power animal appears to help as well. 

Having been through this process many times myself (I’ve had about 7 or 8 soul retrievals) I can assure you that each time the lost pieces come in I have more power, more clarity, more vision, more energy and I’m able to easily let go of the defenses that I’ve built up that are really just draining my energy because I’ve been putting so much into keeping the walls intact.   When this energy of keeping the walls intact is freed up it becomes available to you to create, create, create and to live, to truly live, to embody the life of your dreams.

Sit with this information – you will always know what to do and when.  Trust that the Universe is benevolent and has your highest interests for healing and growth in mind.

Showers of love and a multitude of blessings upon you Sister.  When we face our fears and walk through them the gift of courage is awakened in our hearts.

Peace and joy,


If the idea of a soul retrieval resonates for you – I’m now booking appointments into the fall – this work can be done in person or over the phone.  Please visit my site at for more information and to schedule a session.