During the last week I was away at Kripalu Center in the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.  While there I was engaged in a week long Masters level class with The Four Winds Society called Walking with Protection.

The work of the week was a deep exploration of our shadow sides.  I was continually amazed and in awe as each and every day new clues came into my awareness.  The practice for me and for all of us was to sit with the energy of the shadow parts, to notice and be aware of our buttons being pushed, to examine all the nooks and crannies of our beings and to wait, to be patient and to not seek to immediately resolve the tension that was building day after day in this group of about 80 people as we all surfaced the shadow side. 

Working with a number of different practices (all of which have now landed in my tool box for client work) we tracked, explored, noticed and recorded all of our observations to be able to come to the piece that was bubbling up for acknowledgement and integration.  Each day the tension grew, the emotions were heavy, dense, thick and the energy was dark and ominous just like the massive clouds that gather before a big storm.  Each day though many of us began to see a bigger picture being formed as we searched for patterns that continued to repeat in many areas of our lives no matter how much inner work we had done. 

As I picked up my clues there was also a building excitement that something deep and old was going to be healed and resolved so that I could move forward with my life’s journey.  To my great delight and total gratitude I was selected as the final class “demo”.  My teacher expertly guided me to sort through the pieces that had been collected and she tracked an energetic “bind” accompanied by a contract that I had made in some distant past lifetime that no matter what I did or didn’t do I would always be in a no-win situation.  Death stalks us when we have these contracts.  We are never able to fully step into living this present life when we have a contract at the soul level that is hanging over our heads.  Most of these contracts are similar no-win situations – I’ve tracked clients whose contracts were worded like this “If I don’t breathe, then I’ll be safe” (of course if you don’t breathe you aren’t going to live a very long or full life, and really you aren’t very safe if you aren’t breathing now are you?).

The culmination of the week was the intervention piece.  I was brought up to the front of the class, laid down on the floor and had four incredibly gifted shamanesses who were working on me and my energy field simultaneously.  Two went to the Lower World where they split up and traveled to different Chambers.  One held space in the Middle World (here on this plane of everyday reality) and severed a cord that was attached to someone that I’ve been in relationship with (cords are unhealthy attachments where each of the parties have energetically connected and are draining or living off of the other’s energy – these cords always have two sides to them – in other words there’s also something being gained by the cording by both parties too – however the time has come that this cording is no longer healthy or desirable.)  The fourth gave me the death rites – sending my luminous body on it’s death journey for healing in the Upper World.  What was returned to me was a lost soul part – a Gladiator – a gift of Light – and an Eagle Power animal to assist me in the integration process.

Needless to say I was quite surprised that a Warrior piece was what was brought back.  I’m all about peace and harmony – unfortunately however I had denied and pushed back into the shadow the warrior part of myself (which can come in quite handy in certain circumstances I’ve discovered) out of shame and guilt over many lifetimes of spilling the blood of my brothers and sisters on the Earth.  The work was extraordinary and was followed by a Mythic mapping session that allowed me to come back into my everyday reality with a bigger map, a bigger perspective and a bigger picture.  The integration of this piece is all about bringing forth the gifts that the warrior archetype holds and letting go of creating situations for myself in my every day reality that trigger the shadow.  Now that he’s in my heart instead of in my shadow I can trust him to protect me, to guide me truly and to help me to really relax into being on this plane because I’ll always instinctually know when to act and when to be still.  I’ve searched in my outer world for a very long time for my “knight in shining armor”, now he’s in my heart and the search has ended.

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